Driven by Efficiency: BPO Revolutionizes the Automotive Aftermarket

BPO is your best option for cost-effective support, enabling you to weather market changes more effectively. Service providers have the necessary resources to boost your automotive business. They aim to help provide your customers with an unmatched experience.
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Recent data shows the automotive aftermarket industry will grow by over 15% through 2027. The increasing sales of new and pre-owned vehicles drive market expansion. But is your in-house team prepared to meet this demand quickly and efficiently?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is your best option for cost-effective support, enabling you to weather market changes more effectively. Service providers have the necessary resources to boost your automotive business. They aim to help provide your customers with an unmatched experience.

Curious about how you can implement BPO in your automotive aftermarket company? Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Automotive Aftermarket Outsourcing?

What Is Automotive Aftermarket Outsourcing

Outsourcing involves assigning your non-core business processes to a third-party team. External professionals ensure your automotive business delivers affordable, quick, and effective services. They specialize in handling front- and back-office tasks, letting you prioritize improving your primary initiatives and competencies. 

Look forward to increased customer satisfaction when acquiring these aftermarket-focused automotive BPO services:

  • Parts manufacturing and sourcing
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Catalog and inventory management 
  • Customer service
  • Order processing and shipment
  • Data entry and analytics
  • E-commerce support
  • Finance and accounting
  • Technical support
  • Lead generation
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Warranty and claims processing
  • Digital marketing and sales
  • Quality control and compliance support
  • Research and development
  • Recycling and sustainability services
  • Data security and privacy protection

The Business Research Company expects the automotive aftermarket industry to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.3% by 2027. The growing sales of secondhand and brand-new vehicles spark the sector’s expansion. Hence, businesses must anticipate customers’ rising need for non-original equipment manufacturer (non-OEM) parts and fast support. 

See how outsourcing can help the industry in the next section.

How BPO Assists in Improving the Automotive Aftermarket Sector

You often hear that working with BPO companies substantially benefits clients. For automotive companies, improving efficiency and reducing costs are among the most common BPO advantages

Given their scalable workforce and upgraded technology, service providers can offer more than significant cost savings and improved productivity. To learn what BPO’s role is in helping your automotive aftermarket company excel in the dynamic automobile industry, read our list below!

Boost Supply Chain Management

Industry shifts make it difficult to ensure smooth supply chain management. That said, reputable service providers can use data analytics tools to monitor market changes and improve inventory planning. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation also help enhance product tracking and evaluation. This capacity minimizes the risk of overstocking. BPO companies have all these resources and an AI-capable talent pool ready to streamline the following functions:

  • Handling supplier relationships and negotiations
  • Automating order processing, fulfillment, and shipment booking
  • Aligning transportation routes and delivery
  • Executing effective warehousing practices
  • Identifying and addressing supply chain disruptions
  • Complying with legal regulations and requirements

Improve Customer Support

Despite the difference between BPO call centers and contact centers, these vendors unite to achieve one goal: enhance customer service. They employ dedicated support teams that handle voice and non-voice inquiries. Customer service professionals use their in-depth automotive aftermarket knowledge to address consumer concerns effectively and rapidly. 


In Emplifi’s recent report, customers rated slow response times and the lack of 24/7 support as the top reasons for a negative experience. Providers thus use cloud-based, omnichannel solutions to resolve such gaps. They integrate the following channels into a single dashboard to deliver fast, round-the-clock customer service:

  • Phone call
  • Video chat
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Text messaging
  • Social media 

When acquiring contact and call center outsourcing services, expect a boost in consumer satisfaction rates. The omnichannel strategy lets your buyers reach out through their preferred communication platform. Such personalization increases their loyalty to your brand.

Enhance Scalability and Flexibility

Service vendors improve scalability and flexibility by deploying highly skilled professionals who can adapt to your changing requirements. With the help of advanced technology, these workers deliver excellent support during both off-peak and peak seasons. 

Outsourcing also enhances your financial flexibility beyond the operational level. Depending on your budget allocations, you can pay contractors an hourly or monthly fee. You also have the option to pay a fixed rate after service completion. These payment schemes are applicable for both short- and long-term assistance. 

Speed Up Time to Market (TTM)

TTM refers to the period it takes to turn your product concepts into a reality, complete with a polished product ready to sell en masse. Contracting a BPO organization assists you in accelerating the TTM of your automotive aftermarket products. 

Service providers leverage modern equipment and specialized personnel to design and manufacture automobile parts and accessories quickly. Their innovative solutions also help expedite your product testing and quality assurance stages. 

Expand Market Reach

Partnering with a BPO provider can support expansion if your automotive aftermarket business serves international clients. Many providers are present in different regions worldwide. These multinational vendors can help you understand and address varying rules, cultural differences, and logistics challenges.

Their local market intelligence also enables you to personalize your products and services. Such insights and capabilities guide you in tailoring your offerings based on your target consumers’ preferences.

Steps to Ensure Efficiency With Automotive Aftermarket BPO

Steps to Ensure Efficiency With Automotive Aftermarket BPO

Achieving efficiency with outsourcing requires careful planning and consideration. From studying the sector to picking your preferred BPO pricing models, you must clearly define your goal when investing in automotive aftermarket outsourcing. Doing so guarantees returns on your investment (ROI) and long-term benefits. 

Follow these steps when forming your BPO partnership:

  • Clarify the in-house needs and challenges that outsourcing can resolve.
  • Specify the goals you want to achieve with a service provider.
  • Research key BPO concepts, rules, and advantages.
  • Seek a service provider that best suits your qualifications and requirements.
  • Assess a potential contractor’s capabilities.
  • Negotiate contract terms and conditions with your selected vendor.
  • Sign an official and sealed agreement.
  • Support training for brand familiarity.
  • Establish centralized communication and collaboration strategies.
  • Set up work performance and quality assurance mechanisms.
  • Ensure data and confidentiality protection.

The Bottom Line

As more customers buy vehicles, the need for non-OEM parts and efficient services also increases. BPO providers assist you in meeting such demands. Their experts and up-to-date solutions make it possible to do so. 

Once you know how to ensure cost-effective operations with BPO, anticipate significant benefits for your automotive aftermarket business. When working with a provider, expect a more organized supply chain, personalized customer service, or expanded global reach.

If you aim to reap similar advantages, let’s connect and discuss your possible options for outsourcing specific tasks. Our team at Unity Communications undergoes regular training and is proficient in navigating advanced technology. These capabilities are crucial to boosting your front- or back-office processes.

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