Case Studies

Our case studies are a collection of our expertise made manifest in the successful projects we’ve delivered for previous clients over years of experience in custom telemarketing and communications solutions.

Data Entry Outsourcing Services 8

Technical Support for Business Customers
Unity Communications helped increase AT&T’s wireless market share in Arizona by 4%, improving its competitive advantage to secure 15% of the local market.

Absenteeism, Overtime, HR Issues, and Lack of Local Talent.
When the helpdesk and technical support began to become thinly stretched, pushing overtime limits and hiring temporary staff, the need for more help was evident.

After-sales Customer Service
A reputable real estate company in Florida faced a significant challenge as it witnessed a decline in its customer base due to a gradual deterioration in its ability to provide top-notch post-sale and post-lease services. 

Business Development
A web design company in Utah approached Unity Communications to increase resource bandwidth and generate leads for their sales staff.

Operations Expansion
After securing a substantial contract, our outsourcing services were required by a US-based IT company to manage the expansion of their operations.

E-commerce Support Services
An Amazon e-commerce company needed a scalable solution to help with the demands of a growing business.

Insurance Verification Services
A leading medical consulting and insurance services provider needs help in their back-office processes.

Inbound Customer Service and Sales
A private equity firm with expertise in E-commerce brands has partnered with Unity Communication for their customer operations

Administrative Support Services
An Arts and Crafts-focused e-commerce company sought assistance in handling administrative tasks and various operational functions of the business.

Back Office Services
A renowned Telecommunications company contacted Unity Communications to assist them with various backend tasks and sales support operations.

Offshore IT Support Unity Communications assisted an E-learning company in discovering a cost-effective approach to scale its IT helpdesk operations.

Virtual Back Office Services
The Covid-19 impact drives an e-commerce company to seek geo-redundancy and global collaboration for operation resilience.



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