Case Studies

Our case studies are a collection of our expertise made manifest in the successful projects we’ve delivered for previous clients over years of experience in custom telemarketing and communications solutions.

Data Entry Outsourcing Services 8

Wireless Provider Market Share
AT&T was fighting a losing battle against Verizon in the Arizona market. Find out more about the team Unity Communications

Absenteeism, Overtime, HR issues, and lack of local talent.
When the support staff began to become thinly stretched, overtime limits and temp staff weren’t enough.

After-sales Customer Service
Read about our solution to a common, but serious dilemma: a successful real estate company was declining

Operations Expansion
Explore our case study about a web design business struggling to find sales opportunities due to staff limitations.

Operations Expansion
After acquiring a large contract, a former IT client contacted us to help expand operations to account

E-commerce Support Services
An Amazon e-commerce company needed a scalable solution to help with the demands of a growing business.

Insurance Verification Services
A leading provider of medical consulting and insurance services need help in their back-office task.

Inbound Customer Service and Sales
A private equity company that manages well-known amazon brands need help in handling.

Outsourced Administrative Support Services
An e-commerce company specializing in Arts and Crafts needed help in managing administrative.

Back Office Services
A well-known IT and Telecommunications company reached out to Unity Communications.

Offshore IT Support
Unity Communications helped an E-learning company find a cost-effective way to scale its.

Virtual Back Office Services
Due to COVID-19 downturn in retail engagement, the Connect.



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