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of businesses outsource tasks to virtual assistants to focus on core business activities.


of organizations using virtual assistants will expand their outsourcing investment this year.


of businesses rely on virtual assistants to handle their customer service requests.

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A wireless management company improved their productivity rate by 60% by streamlining their operations with the help of our virtual assistants.

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Founded in 2009, Unity Communications has dedicated itself to delivering world-class Phoenix Virtual Assistants to dozens of companies in Arizona. Our unwavering focus on service quality has helped dozens of businesses achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Whether you operate in Phoenix or any other location, our talented workforce enables us to serve clients worldwide.

With a track record spanning over 15 years, we have empowered hundreds of companies to transform their operations, resulting in:

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Our team of 350+ skilled virtual assistants is ready to support you in various areas. As a repeat Inc. 5,000 winner and one of The Manifest’s highly recognized BPO companies in Phoenix, Arizona we are your trusted partner for virtual assistant services.

We are also proud to have achieved back-to-back certifications as a Great Place To Work by GPTW.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Cleveland BPO Call Center Service Providers

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) refers to companies outsourcing specific operational tasks to external service providers. This approach allows businesses to concentrate on their core competencies while entrusting non-core activities to specialists. BPO providers offer services in areas that may not be the primary expertise of the hiring company, enabling these businesses to benefit from expert skills and technology without the need to develop them in-house.

For Cleveland businesses, BPO providers can manage various functions, from administrative tasks to more complex operations like customer service and digital marketing. Outsourcing these responsibilities can result in cost savings, heightened efficiency, and access to expertise that might not be available internally. It also enables businesses to scale rapidly without requiring extensive recruitment or training of new staff, making it an appealing option for companies aiming to grow or adapt to varying workloads.

Companies in Cleveland, Ohio outsource various tasks to BPO providers, ranging from routine administrative duties to specialized technical roles. Commonly outsourced tasks Unity Communications provides to Cleveland companies include data entry, customer service, accounting, HR management, and IT support. These tasks, often demanding and requiring distinct skills, are well-suited for outsourcing to expert providers.

Cleveland businesses are increasingly looking to BPO providers for more strategic roles such as digital marketing, analytics, and customer relationship management. Outsourcing these areas allows companies to leverage advanced expertise and technology, helping them remain competitive in a digitally evolving market. BPO providers bring the latest tools and methodologies in these fields, offering Cleveland businesses a level of service that would be challenging to cultivate internally.

The process of BPO typically starts with thе idеntification of business functions that arе candidatеs for outsourcing. Companies in Cleveland need to assess their internal processes and determine which ones can effectively be managed by an external provider. This dеcision is oftеn basеd on factors likе cost, complеxity, and thе stratеgic importancе of thе procеss. 

Oncе a procеss is idеntifiеd for outsourcing, thе nеxt stеp is to sеlеct a suitablе BPO providеr.  This involves evaluating potential vеndors based on their expertise, track rеcord, and ability to meet the specific needs of thе busіnеss. Aftеr sеlеcting a providеr, thе company will work with thеm to transition thе procеss, which includеs sеtting up communication protocols, transfеrring knowledge, and еstablishing pеrformancе mеtrics. This phase is critical to ensure that thе outsourcеd procеss aligns with thе company’s standards and objectives.

BPO outsourcing is a stratеgic tool that can significantly contribute to the growth of a Clеvеland business. By outsourcing non-corе functions, companies can rеdirеct their resources and focus on arеas that drive growth, such as product dеvеlopmеnt, markеt еxpansion, and customеr еngagеmеnt. Outsourcing routinе and spеcializеd tasks to BPO providеrs allows businеssеs to operate morе efficiently and respond morе quickly to markеt changes. 

Furthеrmorе, BPO offers scalability, allowing Cleveland businеssеs to adjust their operations easily to mееt changing dеmands. This flеxibility is particularly bеnеficial for companies еxpеriеncing rapid growth or seasonal fluctuations. By rеlying on BPO providеrs, businesses can scalе up or down without thе complеxitiеs and costs associatеd with hiring and training nеw еmployееs, providing them with a competitive еdgе in a dynamic businеss еnvironmеnt.

Call cеntеr sеrvicеs are a vital component of customer engagement and support, prompting many Clеvеland companies to outsource this function to spеcializеd BPO providеrs. Thеsе providеrs offеr expertise in handling customer interactions across various channеls, еnsuring that customеr inquiries, complaints, and feedback arе managed professionally and efficiently.  This lеvеl of sеrvicе is crucial for maintaining customеr satisfaction and loyalty, which are key drivers of business success. 

By using call centеr sеrvicе providers, Clеvеland businеssеs can offer 24/7 support, handlе high volumеs of calls, and providе multilingual sеrvicеs, which might bе challеnging to managе in-housе. Outsourcing call cеntеr opеrations also allows companies to bеnеfit from thе latest technologies in customer sеrvicе, such as AI-powеrеd chatbots and advancеd analytics,  еnhancing thе ovеrall customеr еxpеriеncе.

While BPO offers many advantages, there are potential downsides that Cleveland companies need to consider. Outsourcing can lеad to additional costs associatеd with thе sеrvicеs of thе BPO providеr, and there may be hidden fees that are not immеdiatеly apparеnt. Companies also risk losing direct control ovеr thе outsourced processes, which might affect the consistency and quality of thе sеrvicе. 

Another concern is the potential loss of learning opportunities that come with managing processes in-housе. Companiеs that outsourcе significant parts of their opеrations may miss out on valuable insights and innovations that can be gainеd from hands-on еxpеriеncе.  Additionally, thеrе аrе security and reputational risks involved, especially whеn sensitive data and business operations arе entrusted to an external providеr. Careful selection and ongoing monitoring of the BPO partner are crucial to mitigate these risks.

Hiring a BPO company in Cleveland comes with several key advantages. Firstly, the expertise of these providers in virtual assistant (VA) recruitment ensures that the process is both efficient and effective, leading to significant time and resource savings. Their proficiency means tasks are completed correctly from the outset, minimizing the need for costly revisions and retraining.

Outsourcing to a BPO company also lightens the workload on your internal team. They take on the labor-intensive aspects of VA recruitment, training, and onboarding, freeing up your team to concentrate on core business activities. Additionally, by distributing the risk associated with outsourcing, a reputable BPO company assumes responsibility for the quality of their service. This level of accountability ensures they are committed to delivering high-quality results, benefiting your business in the long run.

The range of BPO companies in Cleveland caters to diverse business needs. General BPO providers offer a wide spectrum of services, including front-office tasks like customer service and back-office functions such as data processing.

Specialized BPO companies focus on areas such as IT, legal, or knowledge process outsourcing. These specialized providers bring expertise in niche areas, ensuring high-quality service in complex fields. Additionally, offshore and nearshore BPOs offer services from overseas or neighboring countries, respectively. These various BPOs enable Cleveland businesses to find the most suitable outsourcing solutions, whether they require general support or specialized expertise.

Choose Unity Communications as Your BPO Provider in Cleveland, Ohio

Cost Saving

By outsourcing your virtual assistant needs, you can significantly reduce overhead costs. Our competitive pricing ensures high-quality support at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house staff.

Expertise and Experience

We bring extensive expertise and experience as a leading virtual assistant provider in Phoenix, Arizona. We deliver tailored virtual assistant services to meet your business needs.

Flexibility and Scalability

We understand the changing requirements of businesses. Our team can quickly adapt to meet your evolving needs, whether it’s administrative tasks, customer support, or project management.

Seamless Integration

We seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows and systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption. Our virtual assistants are trained to use a wide range of tools and software for efficient collaboration.

Personalized Service

We prioritize delivering personalized service. Our virtual assistants work closely with you to understand your objectives and provide customized solutions. You’ll have a dedicated point of contact for clear communication and updates.

Confidentiality and Security

We follow stringent security protocols to protect your sensitive information. From data entry to customer data handling, we prioritize data protection and compliance with industry standards.

Customer Satisfaction

We focus on ensuring your satisfaction as our client. We strive to exceed your expectations with professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail. Your success is our priority, and we are committed to building a trusted partnership.

Contact us today to discuss your virtual assistant needs and maximize your business productivity.

Affordable Service Rates To Reduce Operating Costs

At Unity Communications, we offer competitive rates for outsourcing services to help you reduce operating expenses. Our teams are mainly based in the Philippines and Mexico, where the modest workforce salaries permit us to run our outsourcing operations cost-efficiently.

Thus, we can offer our services at reasonable rates to help you save on expenses. The money you save can fund more important or urgent business projects and activities. Outsourcing your back-office functions to us is a win-win for both parties.

Although labor costs are moderate, our workforce’s skills are above average, if not top-notch. Our teams from Mexico and the Philippines have the technical competencies, communication skills, and education to rival those of more advanced nations. Outsourcing to us helps you manage costs more effectively while receiving first-rate results for your company.

We also pay above-market rates to our workforce in the Philippines and Mexico, enabling us to maintain high employee retention. As a result, we ensure continuous and smooth business operations and sustained high-quality and cost-effective services.

Collaborating with Unity Communications allows you to obtain the right third-party teams to match your requirements, conditions, and budget. Our company will help you identify and find the ideal talent to optimize your business expenses. We also take care of all the requirements of the employees, their income tax obligations, and other personnel-related concerns.

Large Talent Pool for Consistently High-quality Service

Unity Communications employ young, active, trainable, and technically literate Mexican and Filipino talent. Both nations teem with competent professionals and workers aged 20 to 30. Their labor force primarily specializes in information technology (IT), engineering, and customer service.

Colleges, universities, and other educational institutions in these countries produce hundreds of thousands of graduates annually. These graduates mostly belong to the millennial and Generation Z groups. They are typically motivated, enthusiastic, adaptable, and willing to work when opportunities arise.

We employ the cream of the crop, guaranteeing dynamic and qualified professionals best suited for outsourcing operations. These dependable workers use digital devices, computer systems, social networks, and English proficiently. They are also familiar with the work systems and tools used in the U.S. to support activities and resolve task-related challenges.

Our organization ensures that our teams possess the necessary work experience and education. Our stringent recruitment procedures pinpoint the right soft and hard skills to meet your needs. Our third-party teams have various skill sets and expertise to address different operations, including but not limited to:

    • Bookkeeping and accounting
    • Customer support
    • Contact center as a service
    • Contact center for e-commerce
    • IT support
    • Data entry services
    • Healthcare outsourcing
    • E-commerce customer service
    • Technical support
    • Administrative support
    • Virtual assistance
    • Email and live chat
    • Help desk support

Fluent English-speaking Staff for Smooth Customer Interaction

Solid English communication skills make communicating and collaborating with third-party teams easier. American clients, employers, and customers can understand agents better when language barriers are minimal. Ideally, third-party workers should be able to fluently discuss needs and concerns about your company, products, or services. 

At Unity Communications, we offer our clients and customers remote workers who can formally and informally communicate in English. It is the most popular foreign language in Mexico and the Philippines. About 10%, or nearly 13 million, speak the language in Mexico, while roughly 88%, or 90 million Filipinos, can understand, speak, and write in English. 

These remote workers can perform outsourced tasks, resolve problems, and discuss business with zero to a very few language issues. We train our people to have a neutral accent for clearer customer or client conversations. Mexican and Filipino accents have distinct tones from those of native English speakers but are highly coherent.

We can also provide you with multilingual third-party teams to help improve business relationships. Mexican third-party teams are also bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish, and capable of serving numerous U.S. companies seeking Spanish-speaking professionals to delegate their activities.

Our professionals can form, maintain, and expand client relations because they deeply understand different cultures and languages. Our teams are expressive and optimistic during interactions; they know their expectations and culture better than their competitors. 

Stronger Customer Rapport Due to Third-party Teams’ Common Culture

Mexico, the Philippines, and the U.S. share many cultural similarities. Many Mexicans and Filipinos have friends and relatives in Western countries. Millions of them live in the U.S. alone, and millions of others continue to migrate.

The company’s outsourcing and offshoring services are highly likely to succeed because its Filipino and Mexican teams are comfortable and confident engaging with Westerners. Team members’ cultural closeness with customers and clients gives them an edge in customer service, help desks, and sales support over their foreign counterparts.

Americans, Mexicans, and Filipinos share similar food, drink, and sports interests. They have similar colonial pasts and government systems. At Unity Communications, we foster solid and long-term business relationships by nurturing these cultural harmonies. 

Flexible Professionals for Greater Productivity

Our workforce in the Philippines and Mexico is willing to work at your convenience. Time zone differences are an insignificant issue for our nearshore and offshore staff.

The Philippines is 12 to 14 hours ahead of the U.S. So if you begin work at 9 a.m., our Filipino remote will start at 7 p.m. at the earliest and work for the rest of the night.

When hiring our third-party teams in Mexico, time zone differences are minimal. Many U.S. states have the same time zone as Mexico. The parts that differ are only available up to three hours in advance. So if you work at 9 a.m., our Mexican team clocks in at 11 a.m. and finishes at 8 p.m. You and our staff work nearly similar hours.

Consider the following perks of working across time zones:

  • Round-the-clock service. When third-party teams work in different time zones, you can achieve 24/7 customer or technical support. Our Filipino and Mexican agents are always prepared to resolve issues or make work progress anytime and anywhere.
  • Diversified staff. A multicultural third-party team improves customer service by providing customers and end users the convenience of contacting your business in their language (English or Spanish) and their own schedule.
  • Fresh ideas and perspectives. A diverse team also deepens the thought reservoir. Different backgrounds and experiences translate into broader insights, recommendations, and plans. Workflow becomes more dynamic and innovative.

Outsource to us, and we will ensure you get adaptable Filipino and Mexican professionals who can work efficiently in your time zone to hit deadlines, attend meetings, and respond promptly.

Established Player in Thriving BPO Industries for Long-term Growth

Unity Communications has operated in the BPO sector for over ten years, leveraging two of the world’s most popular outsourcing hubs. Our company has established itself in the Philippines and Mexico, where the outsourcing business will continue to grow in the coming years.

Here are some reasons to outsource business processes to the Philippines or Mexico (or both) through Unity Communications:

    • Scalability. Companies in Europe and other parts of the world face stringently regulated labor markets, hindering staff acquisition. Our organization provides flexibility and an array of options for your business. We can upscale or downscale outsourced processes based on your needs, conditions, and work volume.
    • Cost optimization. Outsourcing to Unity Communications enables you to manage operating expenses better by recording them as a variable instead of a fixed cost. Shouldering expenses hourly rather than monthly means getting the needed support at a lower price. You save money on recruitment, training, salaries, benefits, and workspace.
    • Skill supply. Our company can supply you with third-party staff to address the employment gap. Businesses outsource roles to us due to the lack of qualified professionals in the local market. The skill shortage continues in the U.S. and other advanced countries while the demand for back-end office roles grows.
    • Core business focus. Our team can manage common and time-consuming tasks, giving you more time and resources to spend on your core competencies. You can concentrate more on product or service innovation, improvement, promotion, and expansion. Delegate your back-office tasks to us to enhance productivity and revenue.
    • Third-party expertise. Unity Communications provides qualified workers with various skills to help you gain or improve market advantage. We also source dedicated teams of specialists to work exclusively on your processes.

Supportive of Government Initiatives To Drive Outsourcing Efforts

Unity Communications acknowledges and advocates the Philippine and Mexican governments’ strong support of the BPO industry. The organization’s mutual relationship with the public sector is one reason to take advantage of outsourcing services through our company. 

The Mexican government helps its outsourcing industry with laws and initiatives such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the 2021 Amendments to Mexican Labor Law, and U.S.-Mexico Cybersecurity Cooperation. 

Similarly, the Philippine government promotes the BPO sector with regulations to accelerate outsourcing operations, including the Special Economic Zone Act, the Data Privacy Act of 2012, and the Telecommuting Act.

We know how to capitalize on these laws, but what does that mean for your business? First, nearshoring to us allows you to enjoy outsourcing benefits such as acquiring talented Mexican third-party teams. 

Second, offshoring to our company empowers you to maximize outsourcing opportunities, including call center operations, which the Philippines is best known for.

Stringent Overseer of Compliance To Avoid Costly Fines

Our organization strictly adheres to government regulations and industry standards to help you avoid steep noncompliance penalties.

We assist businesses in complying with the laws, policies, and standards set by the federal government and industry watchdogs. Failure to comply can result in financial and legal consequences such as litigation, reputational damage, fines, and criminal charges.

Specifically, we can monitor the following general and industry-specific regulations for you:

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act

By complying with data regulations, governance, and other standards, Unity Communications helps strengthen and protect the privacy, integrity, and proper accessibility of your customer and company data and other vital information.

Multichannel Communication Provider for Seamless Customer Interaction

Unity Communications can provide different communication modes, including audio, video, and text, combining them into a cohesive system for flawless and continuous customer or client interaction. We guarantee glitch-free and smooth communications even when we need to switch channel modes during an engagement.

The multichannel communication modes we offer include:

  • Standard phones
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephony
  • Short message service (SMS)
  • Chatbots
  • Live chat
  • Self-service portal

We assure you that your organization and customers will have consistent, round-the-clock access to services and support across all communication modes. If you outsource to our company, your business can enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customers on their preferred communication platforms.

Unity Communications can help you improve customer retention and loyalty by enabling consumers to contact you anytime on any platform. This minimizes their frustration, which might result in switching to another product or service. In contrast, loyal buyers tend to share their excellent experiences with others, which means more new customers for you.