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Unlock growth potential for your online business with our tailored E-commerce BPO solutions. Optimize efficiency and scale seamlessly.

We Help Online Shops Simplify Tasks and Drive Profit

Keep buyers happy and loyal with seamless and consistent e-commerce customer support, whether by phone, email, chat, or social media.

Ensure your customers get their packages on time with efficient order management solutions. We’ll oversee the entire process, from packaging to shipping to delivery.

Build customer trust and loyalty through swift returns and refund procedures. We smoothly process requests, issue refunds or store credit, and manage returns and exchanges.

Offer great shopping experiences with precise and organized product information on all e-commerce platforms. We cover data entry, product listings, and stock management.

Turn readers into buyers with our content creation services, ensuring search engine-optimized product descriptions, images, videos, and multimedia content.

Focus on growing your e-commerce business and generating profit by delegating routine tasks to us. We help you achieve more productive workflows and faster turnaround times.

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Net satisfaction score. Trust Unity Communications for top-notch service when you outsource your e-commerce operations.


Our cutting-edge automation guarantees near-perfect transactional and financial precision, empowering your e-commerce business with unmatched reliability and efficiency.


We provide round-the-clock assistance for your e-commerce venture, ensuring your customers can always count on receiving the help they need at every stage of their shopping experience.


Savings on labor costs when you outsource your e-commerce processes to Unity Communications and gain the peace of mind that comes with streamlined, expert management.

As the e-commerce industry expands and customer expectations change, our dedication to helping online retailers succeed grows stronger. 

At Unity Communications, we navigate the complexities of the e-commerce industry so retailers can focus on revolutionizing the online shopping experience.

We want to help businesses keep up with the fast-paced digital world without compromising service quality by offering cutting-edge technologies, specialized expertise, and unwavering dedication.

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With Unity Communications, you don’t have to wear all the hats. Our teams are well-versed in industry trends, best practices, and regulations, providing your shop with the support it needs.

Your Dedicated E-commerce BPO Team Includes

  • Customized Workflows
  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • Responsive and Proactive Project Managers
  • Global Team Collaboration
  • Creative Content Creators and Managers
  • Customer-centric Support Agents
  • Multichannel Customer Support
  • 24/7 Customer Service Operations
  • Multilingual Capabilities

Why E-commerce Businesses Choose Unity Communications for All Their Outsourcing Needs

With Unity Communications, you get clear, fixed pricing. Whether you're paying one employee or a hundred through our platform, our fee is a straightforward flat rate per employee.

Transparent Pricing, No Surprise

With Unity Communications, you get clear, fixed pricing. Whether you're paying one employee or a hundred through our platform, our fee is a straightforward flat rate per employee.

Top Employee Benefits Around the Globe

Our network offers cutting-edge services, including onboarding and local employment benefits. Unity Communications ensures your team gets the best employees in the Philippines.

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E-commerce Success

Access exceptional talent in the Philippines through Unity Communications' global network. Our local support teams stay ahead of legal changes in real time, ensuring your e-commerce operations run smoothly.

Personalized, Consistent Support

Our agents are committed to delivering a personalized approach when interacting with your customers across all channels. Count on them to ensure your e-commerce operations run seamlessly, providing exceptional service every step of the way.

Robust Data Security Measures for Your E-commerce Platform

Security is paramount in e-commerce. Unity Communications prioritizes data security, with our platform and tools built on secure foundations meeting the highest standards, safeguarding your e-commerce business's sensitive information.

Decades of Global Expertise in
E-commerce Solutions

Leverage over 15 years of global e-commerce expertise at Unity Communications. Our deep understanding helps you navigate complex legal and compliance issues, ensuring smooth management of your international e-commerce teams.

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What is E-commerce BPO?

Discover the Transformative Power of E-commerce BPO

Revolutionizing the online shopping game, business process outsourcing (BPO) leverages specialized talent and technologies from a third-party provider for various e-commerce tasks. 

As the industry grows, customer demands change, competition increases, and regulations become more complex. Thus, e-commerce BPO emerges as a popular strategy for online retailers to easily keep up with the constant need for innovation.

The Role of Outsourcing in E-commerce

E-commerce outsourcing involves contracting a specialized service vendor to handle specific tasks related to running your online store, whether front or back office. 

Aside from helping streamline various processes, e-commerce BPO allows you to increase cost savings. It lets you focus on more crucial activities directly impacting your online shop’s growth, profitability, and branding.

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, success lies in these factors. Improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your processes through outsourcing can give your online shop a solid competitive advantage.

Market Trends Fueling E-commerce BPO Adoption

As the world becomes increasingly digital, e-commerce continues to evolve and provide new ways to shop and consume products. These constant changes in the industry can make it challenging for online retailers to keep up, which is why most turn to outsourcing.

Outsourcing helps online businesses scale quickly amidst emerging e-commerce market trends. The following section discusses such trends.

Continued Global Expansions

Statista reports that the global e-commerce market value will exceed $8 trillion by 2027, pushing businesses to expand beyond domestic borders. Outsourcing offers scalable and multilingual teams, localized marketing expertise, and compliance support. These solutions can help you accommodate increasing demand and facilitate smooth market entry.

Increasing Demand for Omnichannel Experience

Today’s consumers expect a seamless and consistent shopping experience across all touchpoints, whether online, mobile, or in-store. >E-commerce outsourcing service providers have 24/7 omnichannel customer service solutions, providing prompt and centralized support across various channels regardless of time zones.

Technological Advancements and Automation

Consumers are increasingly comfortable with technology and expect a digital-first experience in all aspects of their lives, including shopping. Pioneering e-commerce BPO providers are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and upskilling their staff. The mix of AI and virtual assistants for e-commerce helps streamline processes and improve customer service.

Evolving Regulatory Landscapes and Compliance Requirements

E-commerce businesses worldwide face complex and ever-changing regulatory landscapes, with data security and privacy as the most prominent concerns. Outsourcing teams have the expertise to navigate these complexities, mitigating risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, and building customer trust.

Changing Customer Expectations

Creating solid consumer connections impacts brand loyalty and profitability. E-commerce BPO providers can gain insights into customers’ preferences, predict their future searches, and streamline relevant tasks. Thus, they can customize product recommendations, create targeted marketing campaigns, and more to improve e-commerce customer experiences.

The Primary Benefits of E-commerce BPO

As the digital landscape evolves, leveraging the power of outsourcing becomes essential for unlocking unparalleled efficiency and strategic growth. Grand View Research reports the global BPO market was valued at $280 billion in 2023. So, what makes this strategy popular, and how can it help your e-commerce business?

1. Cost Efficiency and Optimization

Maximize resources and minimize expenses through e-commerce BPO. According to Deloitte’s 2023 survey, 84% of respondents engaged in the practice to cut costs, and 83% achieved their objective.

Cost reduction is the most prominent advantage of outsourced e-commerce customer servicedue to several factors, including:

  • Lower labor costs
  • Minimized overhead
  • Diminished office rent 
  • Eliminated recruitment expenses
  • Fewer technology investments

In addition, e-commerce BPO providers serve multiple clients, allowing them to leverage economies of scale. This feature lets them offer cost-effective services compared to building an internal team for specific functions. Accessing specialized talent and technology at a lower cost while enhancing operational efficiency generates positive returns on investments (ROIs).

2. Operational Scalability and Flexibility

Quickly adapt to market fluctuations and unpredictable demands by seamlessly scaling your operations up or down. Stay agile and responsive, ensuring your business can handle dynamic changes without compromising efficiency.

Most BPO providers, including Unity Communications, offer various types of BPO models, from project-based structures to full-service build-outs. When you’re ready to expand into new markets, we’ll provide the necessary support without damaging your financial health.

3. Access to Specialized Expertise

E-commerce outsourcing helps bridge skill gaps by providing access to specialists without requiring extensive in-house training. This service is particularly beneficial for areas such as digital marketing, where competition for talent is high.

In the 2023 Deloitte survey mentioned above, 48% of respondents reported gaining better access to a broader talent pool amidst global labor shortages. Beyond its general benefits, partnering with an e-commerce BPO firm provides you with a unique set of specialized skills in the following areas:

  • Marketing and sales professionals for content creation and management, data-driven marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) management, and pay-per-click (PPC) management.
  • Logistics and fulfillment experts for order processing, inventory, warehouse management, and returns and exchange processing.
  • Back-office operations specialists to cover data entry, product cataloging, accounting and financial management, and data analytics and reporting.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience

E-commerce outsourcing enables you to provide multilingual, 24/7 omnichannel customer service. Prompt responses to customer inquiries across various time zones, regions, and channels foster positive customer experiences.

Additionally, our e-commerce customer service specialists at Unity Communications are trained to handle all sorts of inquiries, including:

  • Order tracking
  • Returns and refunds
  • Product troubleshooting
  • Technical support
  • Account inquiries
  • Payment concerns
  • Shipping updates

5. Increased Technological Leverage

BPO providers often invest heavily in cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, allowing you to access advanced solutions for various tasks. 

According to Deloitte’s 2023 survey, 59% of global business services (GBS) use automation. They utilize this technology for chatbots, virtual assistants, and smart inventory management.

Meanwhile, 15% of GBS respondents leverage cloud computing. It is a crucial tool for scaling operations, streamlining customer relationships and content management, and ensuring seamless integration.

Other technologies leveraged by e-commerce BPO providers include:

  • Data analytics and business intelligence for customer segmentation and personalization, marketing attribution and ROI measurement, and fraud detection.
  • Machine learning and predictive analysis for demand forecasting, dynamic pricing and promotions, and product recommendations and upselling.
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) to automate repetitive tasks, such as data entry, form processing, and invoice generation.

6. Focus on Core Innovation and Product Development

Dedicate your resources to strategic initiatives that drive growth by delegating repetitive and time-consuming tasks to a BPO provider. Core activities include developing new products, exploring emerging technologies, or improving the overall user experience of your e-commerce platform.

With a reduced operational workload, you can experiment with new ideas, test new product features, and iterate on existing products more efficiently. These perks foster a culture of innovation and allow for faster development of cutting-edge products and services.

Navigating the Challenges in Outsourcing E-commerce Processes

As with any business practice, e-commerce BPO comes with setbacks and challenges that must be carefully considered, including:

  • Loss of control and visibility/li>
  • Data security and privacy concerns
  • Communication and collaboration issues
  • Quality management and performance monitoring
  • Vendor lock-in and dependence

Fortunately, you can easily overcome these challenges with adequate preparation, thorough vendor selection, effective integration, and proactive management.

Identify and Choose the Right E-commerce BPO Provider

Your choice of outsourcing partner can make or break your initiative. It is the key to ensuring your goals and needs are met and that you get the best value for your money. Here are a few tips to find the best customer service outsourcing company for your business:

  • Responsive. Select a BPO provider that is reactive to both you and your customers. For example, Unity Communications agents are always ready to respond to problems that arise and hop on a call with you. Similarly, they are always available to answer customer inquiries on the phone, decreasing drop-call rates for e-commerce clients.
  • Proactive. While a reactive outsourcing team is excellent, a proactive one is even better, as these staff go beyond simply fulfilling tasks. They take the initiative to identify opportunities to streamline processes, optimize cost efficiency, maximize resources, and address potential issues before they occur. 
  • Quick to adapt. Time is precious when running an e-commerce business, and you wouldn’t want to spend too much time training staff when you could be growing your shop. Hence, it’s best to partner with a team that is quick on its feet when learning and handling new tasks.
  • Accountable and reliable. Find an outsourcing team that treats your e-commerce business as its own. Hitting this criterion ensures they understand your online shop’s requirements and can develop effective and successful solutions for each of them.
  • Customer-centric. Partner with an e-commerce BPO team that strives to understand consumer needs, concerns, culture, and preferences. Customer-centric providers invest in ongoing training for their agents, ensuring they develop empathy, improve their active listening skills, and stay updated on customer service best practices.

Find out if your prospects carry these traits by thoroughly reviewing their case studies and client testimonials.

Ensure a Seamless and Successful Outsourcing Integration

Integrating BPO teams into your existing e-commerce operations requires careful planning and execution. Here is a breakdown of key preparatory steps to ensure a smooth and successful transition: 

  • Define your needs and goals. Ensure the tasks and processes you plan to outsource are identified to avoid team confusion. Establish specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) objectives for each outsourced task for easier monitoring.
  • Standardize internal processes. Develop clear documentation outlining operational procedures, workflows, and best practices to ensure smooth knowledge transfer to the BPO team. Standardization allows you to identify and eliminate inefficiencies within your existing workflows, improving resource optimization.
  • Assess technology compatibility. Seamless data integration and knowledge transfer avoid potential disruptions in operations. Request system documentation and proof-of-concept (POC) testing to identify compatibility issues in operating systems, applications, data formats, and other software and hardware.

Proactively Manage Changes and Outsourced E-commerce Processes

Outsourcing brings significant changes to your organization and systems, which can overwhelm internal teams and structures. Here are a few strategies to effectively manage these changes: 

  • Ensure clear and open communication. As with any partnership, communication is essential. Maintain transparent communication with your e-commerce BPO partner throughout the entire relationship. Create avenues for employees to express their concerns, ask questions, and provide feedback throughout the transition.
  • Invest in training and development. Provide training opportunities to help your team members develop new skills or adapt their existing skill sets to the post-BPO environment. Encourage cross-training within your team to create a more versatile workforce and mitigate potential conflicts.
  • Focus on team building and collaboration.  Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of your team members and the BPO team post-integration. This step minimizes confusion and ensures everyone understands their contribution to the process. Consider facilitating workshops or team-building exercises as well.

The Unity Experience: E-commerce Outsourcing Success Stories

To further demonstrate outsourcing’s impact on online businesses, check out these real-life examples of e-commerce BPO.

Expanding Operations and Surpassing Growth Targets

A prominent Amazon shop contacted Unity Communications to fill the gaps in their surging e-commerce customer support operations. 

  • The challenge: Handling multiple tasks efficiently became challenging with a growing business. These activities included addressing customer inquiries, updating SEO keywords, monitoring comments, resolving shipping issues, providing tech support, and protecting the brand from fraud.
  • The solution: Unity Communications revolutionized operations with a robust standard operating procedure (SOP), ensuring seamless ticket routing and case escalations. Our expert e-commerce support team, cross-trained for versatility, delivered redundancy and comprehensive coverage for unmatched efficiency.
  • The results: The company successfully scaled its operations and hit growth objectives, allowing it to accommodate higher work volumes without compromising quality.

Exceeding Daily Quotas and Increasing Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Scores

A renowned Amazon brand partnered with Unity Communications to help manage the increasing customer support volumes brought about by the rise of online shopping during the pandemic. 

  • The problem: The company needed help handling high volumes of sales calls, product inquiries, order tracking requests, and post-sales support. This strain significantly affected their CSAT ratings, damaging their brand reputation.
  • The solution: Unity Communications designed efficient call flows with clear escalation, reporting, and collaboration protocols. Our dedicated inbound call team focused on average handle time (AHT), CSAT, and first call resolution (FCR) metrics to ensure top-notch consumer satisfaction.
  • The results: Within 90 days, our team exceeded the 18-sales-per-day quota and helped the client reach a 95% average CSAT score. Idle time was limited to 30 minutes, with team members engaging in training during low-volume days.

Achieving Customer Service Goals While Reducing Costs

Connect Wireless, an online brand for smartphones, accessories, and parts, was referred to Unity Communications for its customer service needs.

  • The problem: Our client had a lot on their plate with 500 daily voice, email, and chat requests. They needed help establishing key performance indicators (KPIs), a multichannel customer care workflow, geo-redundancy solutions, and a global team of remote agents to mitigate potential disruptions such as the pandemic.
  • The solution: We put together a fantastic five-person virtual back office team, with a dynamic team leader from the Philippines. Tech-savvy and sales-focused, they handled voice, email, and chat support using Salesforce. They managed tasks from order processing to upselling, all while monitoring performance with strategic KPIs.
  • The results: With just one week of training, our team helped Connect Wireless achieve an AHT of 6 minutes with 80% FCR, 92% call quality, 95% attendance, and 90% CSAT rates. Additionally, they cut labor costs by 80% by leveraging our Philippine team, boosting revenue through efficient upselling.

The Bottom Line

E-commerce BPO is a game-changer for online retailers. It is a key ally in a landscape of rising market values and changing consumer expectations. With benefits such as cost efficiency, scalability, expertise, and improved customer experience, it’s a must-have for sustained growth.

Success stories from industry leaders to small businesses highlight the real impact of outsourcing. In essence, e-commerce BPO is more than a solution; it’s a potent tool empowering businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving digital world.