Elevating Patient Care Through Customized Outsourcing Solutions

Boost your healthcare mission with our BPO solutions! Prioritize patient well-being with streamlined efficiency.

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We Help Your Medical Organization Improve Patient Outcomes

Streamline your medical practice’s operations with our claims processing services, ensuring faster reimbursement and reduced administrative burden.

Simplify member enrollment and verify eligibility effortlessly with our services, freeing up your staff’s time to focus on patient care.

Enhance provider relations and support with our dedicated services, fostering stronger partnerships for better patient outcomes.

Optimize patient care and satisfaction by outsourcing appointment scheduling, ensuring seamless booking and improved accessibility for your practice.

Elevate your healthcare customer service experience, providing prompt assistance and resolution to patient inquiries with our specialized support.

Maximize your revenue flow with our revenue cycle management services, ensuring efficient billing and timely reimbursements for your medical practice.

Ensure accurate and compliant billing with our medical billing and coding services, minimizing errors and maximizing revenue.

Save time and resources with our medical transcription services, effortlessly converting patient notes into accurate electronic records.

Keep your practice’s IT infrastructure running smoothly with our healthcare IT support services, ensuring secure and efficient operations.

Streamline your data management processes with our medical data entry and management services, maintaining organized and accessible patient information.

Why Work With Us


Our healthcare BPO clients save an average of $15 million each year by working with Unity Communications.


Our intelligent automation processes achieve almost 100 percent transactional and financial accuracy.


We offer 24/7 support for your medical practice so that your patients can always rely on getting the help they need when they need it the most.


Transform your medical practice with our extensive network of over 500 skilled professionals. Tailored for practices of any size, we deliver unparalleled efficiency and excellence at an affordable cost.

In a world where healthcare complexity is a constant challenge, at Unity  Communications, we’re committed to transforming healthcare with innovative solutions that enhance patient access & affordability.

Our expertise lies in creating seamless operational workflows that allow healthcare providers to focus on what they do best – caring for patients.

Our goal is to ensure that every healthcare interaction is enriched by our technology and expertise. And compassion!

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Focus on Your Patients’ Health While We Take Care of the Rest!

With Unity Communications, you're not just gaining additional resources for managing your medical business. You're gaining a robust support system that empowers your medical practice to thrive while you remain focused on your patients' well-being.

Your Dedicated Medical BPO Team Includes:

  • Dedicated Managers and Team Leads
  • Omnichannel Support
  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics
  • Customized Training Programs
  • Tailored Workflow Integration
  • 24/7 Operational Support
  • Secure Remote Workstation Access
  • Comprehensive Compliance Monitoring
  • Legal Employment Compliance

Redefine Healthcare Services with Unity Communications

With over 15 years of experience and a dedicated team of 500+ healthcare professionals, Unity Communications is your trusted partner in revolutionizing healthcare processes and enhancing patient experiences.

Transparent Pricing, No Surprises

With Unity Communications, you get clear, fixed pricing. Whether you're paying one employee or a hundred through our platform, our fee is a straightforward flat rate per employee.

Top Employee Benefits Around the Globe

Our partner network offers cutting-edge services, including onboarding and local employment benefits. Unity Communications ensures your team gets the best employees in the Philippines and Mexico.

Seamless Integration

Use our cutting-edge technologies to integrate communication systems seamlessly within your practice, ensuring efficient collaboration and coordination.

Patient-Centric Approach

Prioritize patient satisfaction with our solutions to enhance their experience, from appointment scheduling to post-care follow-ups.

Decades of Global Expertise

Unity Communications has developed a deep understanding of global employment, helping you avoid legal and compliance issues that can arise when managing international teams.

Data Security

We take data security seriously. Your account and tools on Unity Communications are built on secure foundations, meeting the highest data security standards.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing for Healthcare Providers

What Is Healthcare BPO?

To understand Healthcare BPO, let’s first define what BPO is.

BPO, or business process outsourcing, is delegating non-core business tasks to a third party like Unity Communications.

Healthcare BPO services are business process outsourcing tasks related to the healthcare sector.

Advantages of using healthcare BPO services

  • Save money: Because Healthcare BPOs like Unity Communications have scale, we can more efficiently deploy our resources to take on your otherwise tedious back-office tasks.
  • Improve consistency: Fewer mistakes and errors made on critical patient documents and medical billing to help your practice run more smoothly.
  • Low barrier to entry: Access Unity Communications Healthcare BPO services with a simple internet connection. We have the infrastructure and resources already available. No real estate, travel, education, training, recruiting, or onboarding is required.
  • Cloud capabilities: Benefit from our next-gen customer relationship management (CRM) software, which allows you to glean rich insights from workflow processes.
  • Improved patient satisfaction: Patients can access their information and have problems resolved more quickly. 
  • Built-in compliance: Protect yourself from liability with our extensive knowledge of the legal requirements of Healthcare BPO processes like medical coding.
  • Boost productivity: Staff can be more productive in their primary role: providing world-class care to patients. 

Customer service standards continue to become harder as the margins shrink in the current healthcare industry. The competition for market share becomes more challenging each year.

One crucial competitive advantage to staying ahead is superior customer service and relations. Good patient support sets you apart in a crowded market, whether your goal is to win new clients or retain existing ones.

Your healthcare business’ reputation is paramount, especially nowadays when social media is the universal source of information and online word-of-mouth directs customers to look for peer-to-peer reviews. Here at Unity Communications, we understand the risk of outsourcing healthcare.

That’s why we value keeping our healthcare clients’ brands safe. We have a reliable track record working with various healthcare practices. Our goal is to become a direct extension of your brand, patient support, and marketing department.

How do you improve upon the customer care experience in healthcare?

Most consumers have identified that customer service is a critical factor to them. A report has predicted that customer experience and satisfaction will take over pricing and product as the primary brand identifiers in the coming years. Follow the best practices for healthcare customer service below:

  • Be prompt when answering questions, responding to inquiries, managing requests, and solving problems. You can use analytics to measure your average response time and work toward making it better. Healthcare customers expect support agents to be quick and efficient. 
  • Use client history, contact and billing information, and other data to predict your customer’s needs, even before they reach out to you with questions.
  • Use analytical tools to keep an eye on agents and their performance. Set key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure performance and goals for improvement. You can also use call whispering and call barging tools to intervene during heated calls and assist your agents in real-time.
  • Personalize your patient support by training call takers to use their names when talking to clients. 
  • Be open to feedback provided by your call takers. Provide them with regular training to continuously improve your call center practices and keep up with industry standards.