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A well-known IT and Telecommunications company contacted Unity Communications for assistance in managing various administrative tasks and sales support operations. By establishing a dedicated back-office team to handle the project’s requirements, the company effectively redirected its resources towards other critical business endeavors, resulting in a remarkable 70% increase in staff productivity within two months.

Back Office Services for a Telecommunications Company
Back Office Services for a Telecommunications Company 2

Case Study

Challenges Faced: Decreased Productivity

Based in California, the client operates as a telecommunications firm offering voice and high-speed internet services through fiber optics, copper, and fixed wireless systems. With the transition to remote work arrangements by various businesses, there was a substantial surge in individuals opting for Internet services, leading to a considerable expansion of their customer base.

As a result, the team overseeing back-office duties and management faced the challenge of needing to exert additional effort to manage tasks such as data handling, order processing, account reconciliation, and customer service inquiries. These duties created a bottleneck that hindered the seamless delivery of efficient sales support to current customers. Furthermore, this situation constrained the available time for crafting sales proposals aimed at attracting potential new clients.

Finding and recruiting skilled customer service representatives and technical support staff proved to be a substantial financial hurdle. Additionally, the enforced minimum wage of $15.00 per hour in some regions of California added to the overall expenses. Once the employer payroll expenses and onboarding expenditures were considered, the total cost per representative rose to $27.00 per hour without yet factoring in management expenses.

Improved Productivity Through Outsourced Back Office Services

Acknowledging the challenges and client’s requirements, Unity Communication provided the following solution:

  • Establishment of a Back-Office Team: Unity Communication established a back-office team that provided a comprehensive range of administrative and sales support. The team comprised three members and a dedicated project manager overseeing the workflow.
  • Assumption of Time-Consuming Administrative Tasks: The team took charge of the majority of time-consuming administrative tasks, which encompassed activities like data entry, order processing, creation of customer proposals, and reconciliation of overages.
Creating processes to maximize your core staff productivity.
  • Implementation of Communication Channels: To ensure open communication and real-time reporting, we set up effective communication channels. Recognizing the significance of clear communication, we provide regular updates for each project. The project manager monitors the team’s activities to ensure precise and timely completion of tasks.
  • Establishment of key performance indicators (KPIs): We established Key Performance Indicators to meticulously track the team’s productivity. These indicators include maintaining an Average Handle Time (AHT) of 6 minutes, achieving a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rate of 90%, attaining a Case Complete Rate of 100%, maintaining a Case Reopen Rate of 80%, and upholding a Quality Score of 90%.

Enhancing Efficiency and Team Productivity.

At Unity Communications, we’re committed to establishing a dedicated team responsible for managing all incoming tasks while finding ways to enhance current processes and ensure the timely completion of assigned tasks. We have introduced CRM tools and recommended the utilization of Google Spreadsheets and other Google Suite applications to facilitate more organized and real-time reporting.

After two months, the client expressed satisfaction with the outcomes. Unity Communications achieved the following metrics: an Average Handle Time (AHT) of 350 seconds, a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rate of 92%, a Case Complete Rate of 100%, a Case Reopen Rate of 18%, and a Quality Score of 90%.

Choose A BPO Partner That Will Help You Succeed

Unity Communication has evolved into a trusted BPO partner, overseeing back-office functions and aiding in the establishment of processes designed to enhance team efficiency and productivity. Compared to the costs and efforts associated with recruiting and training additional in-house support, outsourcing allowed the client to save time and money. As a result, their consultants now possess more time to concentrate on executing core strategies pivotal to the business’s success.

With the guidance of an experienced BPO partner like Unity Communications, the telecommunications company now enjoys a streamlined back-office process that delivers high-quality work within set timelines. This, in turn, led to a notable 92% increase in customer satisfaction and a remarkable 70% boost in productivity in just two months. Consequently, the company can now dedicate its resources to acquiring new customers and prioritizing crucial business activities, expanding its telecommunications market presence.



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