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Back Office Services for a Telecommunications Company

A well-known IT and Telecommunications company reached out to
Unity Communications to help them with a variety of back-office tasks and sales support operations.

Case Study

Back-Office and Management Tasks

The client is a California-based telecom company that provides voice and high-speed internet services over fiber optics, copper and fixed wireless systems. With companies shifting to remote work arrangements, many people opted to sign up for internet services thus their customer base grew significantly.

As a result, the team handling back-office and management tasks are required to work double-time performing data management, order processing, account reconciliation, and answering customer service calls. These tasks create a bottleneck in providing sales support for their existing customers and limited time to create sales proposals to acquire more customers.

Finding and recruiting qualified customer service representatives and technical support staff proved very costly as well as the minimum wage in some parts of California was 
$ 15.00 per hour. After employer payroll costs and onboarding, the overall cost per rep was $ 27.00 per hour before management costs.

Improved Productivity Through Outsourced Back Office Services

We help businesses succeed by complimenting their strengths

The following solutions are proposed for the client. Unity Communications provided a highly trained back-office support specialist to handle all administrative, marketing, and customer service tasks of the business. Excel worksheets are created to simplify the invoicing process with suppliers and partners. Introduced CRM integration with Facebook to better manage customer inquiry and level up their marketing strategy. A manager was assigned to ensure all tasks are completed with the highest accuracy.

After only two weeks, our virtual assistant was able to master the processes involved in running the business. These tasks include accounting, product shipment, tracking delivery, processing customer payments thru credit cards, answering and responding to customer inquiries either via phone or chat. Social media management such as content writing and running marketing campaigns via Facebook Ads.

We helped managed their presence on e-commerce sites such as Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy and thus allowed this company to have an international presence due to the fact that Unity Communications is a trusted partner on Amazon for international sellers. We were able to allow our international merchant account admin rights to manage all their customer e-mails, returns, and inquiries in a single dashboard for reporting and ensuring 5-star reviews.

Increase efficiency and team productivity

Unity Communications’ initial focus is to establish a team that will handle all incoming tasks and identifies processes that may be improved in order to complete a given task timely and accurately. Introduced CRM tools and suggested using Google Spreadsheets and other Google suites to allow more organized and real-time reporting.

After 2 months, the client was pleased with the results. Unity Communications are able to achieve the following metrics: Average handle time (AHT) of 350 seconds, Customer satisfaction (CSAT) of 92%, Case Complete Rate of 100%, Case Reopen Rate of 18%, and Quality Score of 90%.

Unity Communication is now a trusted BPO partner and handles back-office functions and helps them establish processes designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of the team. Compared to hiring and training additional support in-house, the client was able to save time and money in outsourcing. Their consultants now have time to focus more on executing core strategies crucial to the business.

Choose a BPO Partner That will Help you Succeed

With the help of an experienced BPO partner (Unity Communications), The telecommunications company now has a streamlined back-office process that delivers quality work in a timely manner. As a result, customer satisfaction increased by 92% and productivity by 70% in just two months. The company is now able to focus its strength on acquiring new customers and important business activities that will help them expand its reach in the telecommunications market.


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