Unity Communications was selected by AT&T to build, grow, and increase key metrics in business wireless support offshore to provide 24/7 support,  geo-redundancy, and create efficiencies for operations.

AT&T Case Study 2
Employee with so many tasks at hand - by outsourcing insurance verification tasks these employees are able to free up time for more important agenda

Case Study

Us Labor Market Not Interested In Working In Call Centers And Sustainability In Question

AT&T was at a crossroads in the U.S. labor market as many of the call center operations would have to replace representatives every year because these types of jobs were used as a stepping stone to other careers and field paths. Upward mobility was a major factor as many young people shunned these types of opportunities in favor of other job fields. The costs of sustaining the workforce would increase in double digits each year,  morale would fall, and the costs of maintaining buildings and services created a questionable business model.

Bring In Contact Centers Worldwide

AT&T leadership decided on a plan to start building out centers with multiple vendors for many different parts of their business. Unity Communications was picked to work on the partner side, often referred to as the Alliance Channel. This channel is dedicated to business customers only, which represents 20% of the overall AT&T sales volume.

Creating Processes to Maximize Call Center Staff Productivity

AT&T’s Competitive Advantage

As a result, in one year, Unity Communications helped increase AT&T’s wireless market share in Arizona by 4%, improving its competitive advantage to secure 15% of the local market. Now, two years from the launch of the campaign, Unity Communications continues to exceed expectations, building from the strong foundation of our initial campaign and market study. Since our first team effort, we have been able to start campaigns in 7 more AT&T markets.   



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