Real Estate Development

Read about our solution to a common but serious dilemma: a successful real estate company was declining rapidly due to their lack of customer service capacity and needed help with post-sale and post-lease service.

Real Estate Development Case Study
Employee with so many tasks at hand - by outsourcing insurance verification tasks these employees are able to free up time for more important agenda

Case Study

Challenges in Real Estate Business Development

A reputable real estate company in Florida faced a significant challenge as it witnessed a decline in its customer base due to a gradual deterioration in its ability to provide top-notch post-sale and post-lease services. Explore this compelling real estate development case study to uncover the transformative impact of outsourcing real estate processes with Unity Communications. Discover how this strategic collaboration enabled the company to reclaim valuable time and achieve remarkable improvements in customer satisfaction.

Real Estate Customer Service

Benefits of Outsourcing Real Estate Services with Unity Communications

Unity Communications, recognizing the business’s needs, took proactive steps to address the situation by establishing a dedicated real estate customer service team. This team’s primary objective was to cater specifically to the customers, offering comprehensive assistance and resolving questions related to post-sale and post-lease services.

To combat the decline in service availability, the customer service team swiftly responded to incoming calls, efficiently handled email inquiries, and promptly provided effective solutions to customers’ concerns. By taking charge of these essential responsibilities, the team successfully alleviated the burden of the management team.

As a result, the management team was able to refocus its efforts on closing deals, overseeing strategic initiatives, and forging new partnerships with potential business associates. This newfound freedom allowed them to devote their energy to core business functions and growth opportunities, ultimately contributing to the company’s overall success.

Real Estate Customer Service


Customer Service Outsourcing

By outsourcing administrative and customer service tasks, the real estate business could reclaim a significant amount of time, saving approximately 10-20 hours per week. This newfound time freedom allowed the team to reallocate their efforts towards their core competency: sales. With the burden of administrative and customer service work lifted, they could fully concentrate on driving sales and achieving their business objectives.