Wireless Watchdogs

Wireless Watchdogs, the award-winning wireless management company, needed our outsourcing services to complete daily tasks with efficiency and success.

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Employee with so many tasks at hand - by outsourcing insurance verification tasks these employees are able to free up time for more important agenda

Case Study

Absenteeism, Overtime, HR Issues, and Lack of Support Staff

Wireless Watchdogs, the award-winning wireless management company, is an industry leader with a regular need for effective and responsive support staff. When the helpdesk and technical support began to become thinly stretched, pushing overtime limits and hiring temporary staff, the need for more help was evident. With their growth and referral business growing, a lack of qualified local labor was slowing down their salespeople in closing deals.

Creating Processes to Maximize Call Center Staff Productivity

To assist Wireless Watchdogs, we developed a custom service-level agreement (SLA) that included a measurable key performance indicator (KPI) to track task efficiency and success with both the main team and a new offline team available 24/7.

Our call center staff underwent training, and within a week, we were able to move many repetitive, time-sinking tasks to the offline team. Once trained, our agents were then able to teach a small team of 4 to 5 reps the same tasks in a process that allowed all tasks to be measured by metrics such as accuracy, time to complete, and priority.

Creating Processes to Maximize Call Center Staff Productivity


Focus on Core Business Processes

Executing the tedious daily tasks and measuring progress with our new KPI, our offline team was able to rescue time from Wireless Watchdogs’ top-paid employees. In just four months, we were able to help the Wireless Watchdogs team exceed their SLA, allowing their customer-facing employees and sales reps to meet their growth targets. Quality of work increased as the internal team spent more time-solving complex problems. The payroll savings were incredible, as the need for temporary workers was eradicated, and overtime was avoided. These lower costs of payroll provided Wireless Watchdogs more resources to consider expansion and new employee acquisition.