Top Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines 

Explore the Philippines' thriving outsourcing industry with top companies. Learn why it's a go-to destination for call centers and BPO. Discover its economic impact and growth projections. Find the perfect third-party team in this guide.
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Written by Rene Mallari


The significant number of offshoring providers in the Philippines makes this nation’s name synonymous with call centers, BPO companies, and outsourcing.

The outsourcing industry is among the nation’s top income and employment generators, producing almost $30 billion in revenue and over 1.5 million full-time employees in 2022. These figures are expected to double by 2028, according to the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP).

This blog is for businesses planning to employ a third-party team from the country. Keep reading to discover the top outsourcing companies in the Philippines.

The Leading Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines 

Let us look at some business process outsourcing (BPO) providers in the Philippines. 

The data below is from Clutch, a business-to-business (B2B) ratings and reviews website, and the BPO providers’ official pages.

Unity Communications

Headquarters: Gilbert, Arizona, U.S. 

Number of employees: 250-999

Service lines: back-office outsourcing, customer service, call center services, accounting

Key clients: Samsung, AT&T, Amazon, Iyuno, Wireless Watchdogs, Inturact Capital, Five Lakes Pro, Cimpress

Industry recognitions: No. 97 on Inc. Magazine’s 2023 Regionals Southwest List; Great Place to Work Award winner 2022; Brainz Global 500 B2B Award

Overall review rating: 4.9 stars

Unity Communications is an outsourcing company in the Philippines that caters to businesses in North America, Europe, and Australia needing specialized teams to augment their staff.

The company also works with small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and startups seeking to outsource for the first time. It provides meticulous service to clients, enabling them to focus on their specialties and primary goals.

Additionally, Unity Communications delivers a seamless customer experience through sophisticated IT, private branch exchange (PBX), and virtual networks. It helps SMBs and startups project a global presence while remaining flexible and agile. 

Case Study: Inturact Capital, a private equity group specializing in B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) startups, enhances customer support with the help of Unity Communications.  

  • Challenges: Inturact Capital acquired two companies. One needed customer support, and the other had non-U.S. operating hours. 
  • Solutions: The group approached some outsourcing companies from the Philippines but declined to work with startups. It initially needed only one customer service representative (CSR) before scaling up. Unity believed in the group’s mission and provided one CSR.
  • Results and benefits: When Unity’s CSR handled consumer service, responses and customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) dramatically improved. Inturact Capital’s general partner said Unity’s positivity and guarantee of delivering on its promises make this Philippine BPO company unique. 

Remote CoWorker

Headquarters: Hollywood, Florida, U.S. 

Number of employees: 1,000-9,999

Service lines: back-office outsourcing, human resource (HR) consulting, customer service, sales, call center services, finance, and accounting

Key clients: Amazon, The Dreamz Team, Quality Touch Points, US Global Tech, Call Tools, AirBnB, Point Network

Industry recognitions: #2 on VAA top-rated VA companies; #1 Virtual Assistant Companies on Guru99; TimeDoctor Top Virtual Assistant Companies

Overall review rating: 4.8 stars 

Remote CoWorker is an outsourcing company in the Philippines that provides 24/7 virtual assistants (VAs) and professionals. It began operations in 2007 and serves various industries, such as real estate, advertising and marketing, dental, consumer products and services, and automotive. 

Its VAs specialize in the following:

  • Customer support 
  • Admin outsourcing
  • Technical support outsourcing  
  • Sales and billing optimization
  • Bookkeeping
  • Marketing and consulting
  • Live chat 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

Case Study: Businesses focusing on personal and business finances get a makeover for their online sites with Remote CoWorker’s help. 

  • Challenges: The executive of these businesses needed professionals to rebuild and handle their websites and social media profiles. The client previously used VA services but experienced below-average quality and poor communication. 
  • Solutions: Remote CoWorker staffed the client with qualified candidates within 24 hours of the request. Candidate interviews and the VA onboarding procedure happened in one day. The company provided three team members: a social manager, a website developer, and a client management coordinator. 
  • Results and benefits: The third-party team resolved the executive’s main challenges, including the product layout. The VAs offered a solution and got these businesses back on track. The client said the team possessed excellent technical and communication skills. The team was always available and easy to interact with. 

Six Eleven Global Teleservices

Headquarters: Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines 

Number of employees: 1,000-9,999

Service lines: call center services, back-office outsourcing, customer service 

Key clients: Vosker; other clients undisclosed

Industry recognitions: IT-BPM awards; Fastest growing MSE 2022; Barani “Hero” award for COVID-19 response

Overall review rating: 4.7 stars 

Six Eleven Global Teleservices is an outsourcing company in the Philippines that provides technical support, customer services, sales, and back-office data processing. It employs 2,500+ full-time agents, serving over 90 clients from various verticals and industries. 

With over 3,000 seats, the BPO provider’s main clients are in the midmarket (with annual revenue ranging from $10 million to $1 billion) and the e-commerce and telecommunications sectors. 

Case Study: Vosker, a Canadian firm that provides remote area monitoring services, improves customer support thanks to Six Eleven Global Teleservices. 

  • Challenges: Vosker needed a third-party team to manage its inbound, outbound, and chat services for English-speaking Canadian and American customers. It chose Six Eleven Global based on its flexibility and acceptable quality-price ratio. 
  • Solutions: The company collaborated with the third-party team during the outsourced operations. The agents received incoming calls, conducted outgoing calls, and interacted via chat in English from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, seven days a week. 
  • Results and benefits: Vosker’s customer senior manager said the company received good customer reviews since Six Eleven Global took charge of its outsourced operations. The manager added that the outsourcing company in the Philippines was flexible and quality-oriented. 


Headquarters: Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Number of employees: 1,000-9,999

Service lines: back-office outsourcing, finance and accounting, IT staff augmentation, call center services, HR consulting

Key clients: Numeroo Bookkeeping, Mortgage Quality Management and Research, TechPath, View Legal, Priority Care Medical, Acumen Data

Industry recognitions: #1 BPO in the Philippines in 2019, Software Suggest The Champions 2020; Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022; 4.4 Glassdoor Rating

Overall review rating: 4.7 stars

Emapta is an outsourcing company in the Philippines that serves clients by sourcing and employing contractors. Established in 2012, the company offers HR and IT support, legal employment, and office space. However, the clients manage contractors as though they were employees in their organizations.

The BPO provider’s clients are mostly American and Australian SMBs with less than $10 million in annual revenue. These companies belong to industries such as IT, financial services, advertising, marketing, and business services.

Case Study: Priority Care Medical, a healthcare provider in Australia, experiences full patient booking after receiving expertise from Emapta.  

  • Challenges: Priority Care Medical needed to cut development expenses on bookkeeping, administration, marketing, and staffing for its new project. It wanted to achieve this goal without sacrificing quality. The medical practice picked Emapta as its partner during the assessment process.
  • Solutions: Emapta consultants helped the company design, develop, and refine the project. They also assisted in realigning project milestones and steps. Key deliverables in marketing, HR, and administration were met as scheduled. 
  • Results and benefits: One of Priority Care Medical’s shareholders said that the clinic had zero patients when it first opened. With the assistance of Emapta’s marketing team, doctors were fully booked for the next two months. The company also received excellent reviews.


Headquarters: Long Beach, California, U.S. 

Number of employees: 1,000-9,999

Service lines: customer service, back-office outsourcing, call center service, sales, social media marketing, transcription

Key clients: LevelUp, Rocksbox, Peloton,, NexTravel, Axial, TravelNest, GrubHub

Industry recognitions: Best Company for Diversity; FT Ranking: America’s Fastest-Growing Companies; Gold Stevie for Great Employers, 2022; Best Company for Work-Life Balance

Overall review rating: 4.7 stars 

Enshored is an outsourcing company in the Philippines that helps resolve the business challenges of rising startups by providing customized solutions. It offers consulting expertise to newly established companies, such as for planned market expansion and reactive service development.

Founded in 2014, this BPO provider’s back-office outsourcing activities include data entry services, writing, and content development. It serves clients in the IT, financial services, e-commerce, and consumer products and services industries.

Case Study: Axial, a financial technology firm that runs an e-marketplace for buying and selling companies, achieves significant savings after partnering with Enshored. 

  • Challenges: Axial planned to automate manual tasks and strengthen its team with better data sets. It hired Enshored to help accomplish both plans. The BPO provider also assisted Axial’s clients with back-end functions. 
  • Solutions: The company worked with Enshored on 12 to 15 projects daily and weekly. One such project was scraping website data for potential or current customers. Enshored delivered data points that were put into Axials’ CRM. The back-end processes were also automated.
  • Results and benefits: Axial’s chief of staff and head of operations said partnering with Enshored saved the company about $2 million. Regarding key performance indicators (KPIs), the BPO provider supported 20% of its deal flow. 

Flatworld Solutions

Headquarters: Princeton, New Jersey, U.S. 

Number of employees: 1,000-9,999

Service lines: call center services, custom software development

Key clients: MSN, Korchina, Fujitsu, Yale School of Management, Maximus, Alcon, Spa Week Media Group, ARI, Rogers, Redwood E-learning, Medversant, Loomis

Industry recognitions: ISO certified 

Overall review rating: 4.7 stars 

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is an outsourcing company in the Philippines that provides data science, business consulting, IT, and outsourcing solutions. Established in 2004, FWS uses technology to help clients save time and increase their bottom line. It achieves this by simplifying processes and improving productivity and efficiency.

According to its website, FWS has over 10 delivery services, 19,000 customers worldwide, and 5,000+ employees. It caters to banking, finance, logistics, manufacturing, real estate, automobiles, education, e-commerce, and insurance companies.  

Case Study: Spa Week Media Group, a spa and wellness gift card platform provider, improves consumer satisfaction after FWS takes over customer service operations. 

  • Challenges: Spa Week Media Group performed call center activities in-house for 18 years. Afterward, it delegated these processes to a call center provider; however, that arrangement did not last long. The company then partnered with FWS. 
  • Solutions: The company started with a small staff to test FWS’s performance before expanding later. It then tasked the BPO provider to update the contact information of the 60,000 clients in its database. 
  • Results and benefits: The company’s business development officer said it experienced positive customer satisfaction when working with FWS. The service provider’s professionalism, project management, follow-through, client communication, and oversight were excellent.

Premier BPO

Headquarters: Clarksville, Tennessee,U.S. 

Number of employees: 250-999

Service lines: back-office outsourcing, customer service, finance and accounting, employee leasing, call center services, contact center as a service, sales 

Key clients: LodgeLink, Build Direct, Gain Capital, Dental Office Support, The Newberry Group, CNH Industrial, Cass Information Systems 

Industry recognitions: not available

Overall review rating: 4.1 stars 

Founded in 2003, Premier BPO is an outsourcing company in the Philippines that caters to SMBs and provides customized solutions to meet their needs. Its back-office outsourcing services focus on claims processing, data entry and processing, medical billing services, and payment processing. 

According to the website, the service provider has over 100 years of experience in the outsourcing industry via onshore and offshore facilities. It operates in three locations: the Philippines, Pakistan, and China. Additionally, it serves clients in East Asia, Europe, and North America. 

Case Study: LodgeLink, a workforce management solutions provider, streamlines accounting procedures with Premier BPO’s outsourcing management.

  • Challenges: Lodgelink needed a partner to support its huge backlog of invoice charge sheets and ensure consistency in its accounting and billing policies. It also sought a cost-effective solution to speed up existing processes. 
  • Solutions: The Premier BPO team determined overcharges and discrepancies in billing on LodgeLink’s online portal. The third-party provider also developed accurate customer charge sheets and ensured consistency with the agreed-upon conditions and terms.
  • Results and benefits: Premier BPO says on its website that its team generated over three times the needed amounts of charge sheets per week. Work speed and triage of future transactions also increased.


Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, U.S. 

Number of employees: 250-999

Service lines: sales, customer service, back-office outsourcing, call center services

Key clients: Alima Technologies, Intrepid Advisor, LexisNexis, CLEARGOALS, LiQWID

Industry recognitions: Clutch Awards: Top Lead Generation Company, 2023; Top Outbound Call Centers, 2023. 

Overall review rating: 4.6 stars 

Callbox is an outsourcing company in the Philippines specializing in lead generation for B2B firms. It has offered lead generation, appointment setting, and data-related services since 2004. 

The BPO provider has a team of more than 700 marketing professionals across three locations in the Philippines. The company finished at least 10,000 campaigns in different B2B verticals and geographical locations. Among the industries it serves are IT, telecommunications, business services, medical, hospitality, and leisure.

Case Study: CLEARGOALS, an enterprise marketing technology consultancy, receives leads quickly by collaborating with Callbox. 

  • Challenges: CLEARGOALS wanted to jumpstart its operations in enterprise software, such as database architecture, integrations, customized solutions, and configuration services, through lead generation.
  • Solutions: Upon collaboration, Callbox assigned a team consisting of a customer success manager, a production manager, and a few team members. The third-party team worked on calls, an email campaign, and social channels. CLEARGOALS met with them weekly to discuss progress and feedback. 
  • Results and benefits: In the first six weeks of the lead generation campaign, the company received 10 leads (two already opportunities). The chief operating officer said the team was passionate. Team members could also communicate clearly and learn the business quickly.

The Bottom Line 

Businesses of all types and sizes benefit from Philippine outsourcing of IT, accounting, customer support, and other back-office processes to BPO providers in the Philippines.

Outsourcing is a proven practice that reduces costs and improves productivity. 

Companies and organizations that consider outsourcing must begin with a small third-party team or assign one process at a time. This strategy helps them become familiar with the new team members and how operations are performed by an outsourcing company in the Philippines. 

Planning to outsource to the Philippines? Let’s connect and start helping your company grow.

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