Spotlight on Success: Exploring BPO Opportunities in the Music and Media Industry

BPO companies are unsung heroes in the music and media industry, supporting record labels, film production, and media agencies. Their critical contributions streamline processes, ensuring your favorite content reaches your devices seamlessly.
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You probably know how your favorite songs and shows reach your devices. You also know who the geniuses are behind these masterpieces. But do you know who else has made a critical contribution to this domain?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies play a vital role in the music and media industry’s success. But in what way?

Let us explore how service providers support record labels, film production companies, media agencies, and other professionals in this sector.

What Happens When BPO Blends With Music and Media?

What Happens When BPO Blends With Music and Media

Expect improved operational efficiency and streamlined creative innovation when BPO blends with music and media. As technology advances and fan bases expand, artists and agencies must constantly adjust how they connect with their audiences. 

To focus on producing and delivering unique content, they must ensure undisrupted processes behind the scenes. This is where the question “What is BPO’s role in music and media?” receives clarification. 

Similar to other industries, third-party support vendors take over routine tasks to let artists, producers, and creators prioritize content production. These repetitive functions range from content monitoring to copyright management. Outsourcing such tedious work brings the following advantages:

  • Reduced labor, infrastructure, and utility costs for front- and back-office processes
  • Scalable operations during peak seasons, such as album and movie releases
  • Access to a large talent pool and advanced technology
  • Enhanced content quality and accessibility
  • Localized content through multilingual subtitling and dubbing
  • Distribution of products and services across international markets
  • Accelerated and on-time content rollouts and promotions
  • 24/7 customer service via chatbots and automated email replies
  • Analyze market trends and fan preferences for more personalized customer care

BPO Services in the Music and Media Sector

BPO Services in the Music and Media Sector

Statista reported that the global media and entertainment market value reached $2.32 trillion in 2022. This year-over-year growth of more than 5% was possible due to the people behind the visuals and audio—among them are BPO teams. Below are examples of outsourced services to help expand the music and media industries.

Simplified Content Moderation

Support vendors employ suitable employees, strategies, and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to simplify content moderation. This function is crucial to maintaining a positive and safe user experience for all artists, creators, and fans. To this end, providers perform the following tasks:

  • Collaborate with clients to draft guidelines that meet their brand values and goals. 
  • Filter keywords to hide and prevent the spread of harmful content and comments.
  • Use AI to automatically flag content that violates copyright rules.
  • Deploy image and video analysis tools to detect and delete explicit content.
  • Facilitate review and appeals processes to establish transparency and fairness.
  • Analyze and report on content moderation trends, user behavior, and emerging issues. 
  • Collect user feedback to identify ways to improve content moderation procedures. 
  • Perform regular audits to ensure clients’ regulatory compliance with published content.

Cost-effective Graphic Design and Animation

Music and media agencies can hardly produce all the necessary promotional graphics and animated content. So, this task is what BPO is usually used for. To enhance visual content and captivate the target audience, service providers offer these cost-effective graphic design and animation services:

  • Create eye-catching music album covers. 
  • Design compelling infographics for websites and email newsletters.
  • Develop dynamic lyric videos to promote new songs and engage listeners.
  • Support animated music video production.
  • Produce consistent social media visuals, such as profile pictures and post templates.
  • Develop posters, flyers, and banners for concerts, music festivals, and other events.
  • Create custom icons and logos that reflect a client’s unique identity.
  • Generate animated GIFs and stickers to make new releases more fun and interactive.
  • Add visual effects to media projects, such as music videos and short films.
  • Bring virtual reality (VR) experiences to immerse users in music and media content.

Improved Metadata Tagging

BPO companies combine human expertise and technology to help music and media businesses enhance metadata tagging. Metadata enables the effective organization, discovery, and distribution of various content. Check how providers optimize this process below. 

  • Ensure the accuracy and consistency of content data, such as song titles and artist names.
  • Enrich data by adding additional information, such as songwriter and producer credits.
  • Adhere to industry standards for metadata tagging.
  • Categorize content into appropriate genres, themes, and languages.
  • Maintain version control to monitor changes to the metadata and avoid discrepancies.
  • Use machine learning (ML) algorithms to suggest tags and predict user preferences.
  • Perform regular quality checks to ensure up-to-date and precise metadata.
  • Develop customized taxonomies and tagging structures based on client requirements.
  • Use analytics and feedback loops to refine metadata tagging strategies.

Accelerated Subtitling and Dubbing

Outsourcing allows for the accelerated subtitling and dubbing of music and media content. Recent data shows that 80% of consumers prefer to watch a full video with subtitles. Hence, third-party providers create standardized subtitling templates for different languages and content types to help accommodate such demand.

Meanwhile, businesses wanting to localize their content across various countries hire third-party voice actors for streamlined dubbing processes. Vendors also use subtitling and dubbing software to speed up the incorporation of subtitles and dubbed audio into video content.

Enhanced Customer Service and Digital Marketing

BPO enhances customer service and digital marketing efforts for music and media companies. Service providers use omnichannel solutions and professional support agents to address concerns regarding content purchases quickly and effectively.

Vendors also utilize such resources to handle digital marketing tasks, including content moderation, post-scheduling, and fan engagement. They also implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to enhance content visibility across platforms.

Streamlined Copyright Management

Automated tracking tools help BPO companies streamline copyright management for music and media content. These AI-powered solutions automatically monitor and pinpoint instances of copyright infringement on social platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. 

Moreover, service providers deliver content registration support services. They prepare the documents necessary to submit copyrighted content to authorities, such as the U.S. Copyright Office.

The Bottom Line

The Bottomline - BPO in Music and Media

As the music and media market constantly expands, related front- and back-office tasks pile up. BPO providers offer cost-effective resources to ease increasing workloads. Their skilled workforce and advanced technologies boost processes, from content to copyright monitoring. 

Before reaping these benefits, you need a reliable service provider. The vendor must complement your entertainment company’s strengths and brand strategies. Most importantly, it must match your budget while ensuring quality output. 

Look no further. Unity Communications has well-trained staff and modern tech to support your enterprise. Let’s connect now and discuss service options to help expand your music and media offerings.

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