The Benefits of Nearshore Talent: How to Find Reliable Virtual Assistants in Mexico

Mexican virtual assistants excel in diverse remote roles like admin, customer support, content creation, and HR. Their English-Spanish fluency makes them ideal for bilingual services. Discover why hiring them is advantageous and how to find reliable assistants in Mexico.
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Virtual assistants in Mexico are remote workers with extensive skill sets. Their roles vary depending on the client company’s operations and industry. They can perform administrative functions, customer support, content development, human resources management, and more. 

The Mexican remote professionals’ edge over their counterparts in Asia and Eastern Europe is their fluency in English and Spanish. They can offer bilingual services, which is just one of the many reasons to hire them.

This article discusses the reasons for hiring nearshore talent and the steps to find dependable virtual assistants in Mexico.

Reasons to Hire Nearshore Talent in Mexico

Reasons to Hire Nearshore Talent in Mexico

The following are some key reasons why acquiring nearshore talent in Mexico is an ideal choice for your company:

Abundantly Skilled Professionals Available to Deliver Excellent Services

The country’s ample pool of well-educated, skilled, and dynamic professionals is a compelling rationale for acquiring workers from Mexico. 

Most of Mexico’s workforce consists of millennials and Generation Z individuals. They possess strong digital skills and are proficient in using social media platforms, computers and other devices, and online applications. These young professionals are also familiar with American workplace culture and job protocols.

Mexican virtual assistants and other third-party experts have the essential technical competencies, interpersonal skills, and academic qualifications for outsourced work. Their extensive experience collaborating with service providers has honed these crucial abilities. 

These professionals come equipped with diverse skill sets to meet various requirements, including:

  • Email management 
  • Back-office support  
  • Digital marketing 
  • Web development 
  • Basic information technology (IT) knowledge 
  • Administrative support
  • Graphic design 
  • Basic bookkeeping
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) 
  • Social media management
  • Customer service or support
  • Data entry

Practical Option to Address the Staff Shortage in the U.S.

Hiring virtual assistants and third-party workers from Mexico can mitigate the impact of the current labor shortage in the U.S. This trend started at the height of the Great Resignation when millions of Americans willingly departed from their roles. Between April 2021 and April 2022, over 71 million employees left their jobs.

Mass resignation has the most substantial effect on U.S. industries. It increased attrition rates and impacted staff morale and output. The shortfall also adversely affected customer service, hurting sales and income.

According to a 2021 survey, 73% of businesses in the U.S. and Canada found it challenging to attract and hold onto workers. In light of this issue, U.S. companies turn to Mexico and Asia (e.g., the Philippines) to meet their personnel requirements. 

Third-party vendors can provide American companies with virtual assistants and other nearshore talent to help endure the tight labor market. Their exhaustive network enables them to tap into a diverse pool of human resources to meet your staff’s requirements. 

Flexible Staff and Processes for More Effective Cost Management

Recruiting nearshore talent from Mexico contributes to a better bottom line by lowering expenses. The service provider can scale the outsourced work up or down based on current business demands or conditions. 

The third-party vendor can grow or reduce the number of contractors or operations without impairing your current tasks. Scalability allows you to optimize business value while incurring acceptable operating costs.

Consider the additional advantages of scalability:

  • Agility. The third-party provider supports you in tackling unforeseen issues without hindering back-office functions. With improved responsiveness, you can maintain robust operations under demanding conditions.  
  • Flexibility. Whether hiring administrative or technical support outsourcing, the third-party vendor can swiftly and adequately modify your business processes. Increased flexibility leads to a better competitive advantage.
  • Cost efficiency. Acquiring nearshore talent via service providers also decreases ongoing expenses. The third-party contractor supplies the needed staff and helps identify the tasks required to enhance performance and productivity. 

Less Expensive, Equally Effective Remote Workers for Better Value

Numerous Mexican virtual assistants and third-party professionals have university degrees, communication skills, and technological qualifications similar to their equivalents in the U.S. But nearshore talent is cost-effective.

Check the average rates of virtual assistants in Mexico and the U.S.


Hourly Rate Range 

(in U.S.$) 

Average Hourly Rate 
The U.S.$31–$150$90.50

Source: Upwork 

Note: For basic illustration, the average hourly salary for each country is computed by adding the low and high figures and then dividing the sum by two. For example, Mexico’s hourly rate ranges from $5 to $75. Thereby, $40 is the result of dividing $80 ($5 + $75) by two.

Per the figures above, a virtual assistant in Mexico earns around $40. In the U.S., they charge about $90.50. Your cost savings are $50.50 ($90.50 less $40) hourly when assigning work to a third-party contractor from Mexico. 

The computations are estimates. Contact a reliable service provider to obtain accurate costs and other details.

Efficient Work-from-home (WFH) Professionals for Dependable Service

Enhanced productivity is why you should hire nearshore talent from a service provider. Virtual assistants enjoy flexible shifts and WFH setups, allowing them to perform delegated tasks. They can work during their preferred schedules and without traveling to the office. 

Providing timely and efficient service is another reason to acquire nearshore talent. Here are some aspects contributing to higher remote work performance: 

  • Well-equipped team. The service provider supplies the remote team with the necessary computer systems and applications to help them perform their duties better. 
  • High data privacy. Remote workers apply data security solutions, such as virtual private networks (VPNs) and antivirus applications, to protect critical company, client, and customer data from cyberattackers and other threat actors.
  • Organized virtual work. The outsourcing company implements strict but impartial WFH policies. It executes these measures to maintain teamwork, output, and efficiency. 
  • Regular web sessions. The third-party team meets virtually with easy-to-use communication software to monitor work progress and task status. 

Heightened Customer Experience (CX) for Stronger Consumer Retention

One reason for obtaining nearshore talent from Mexico is their expertise in providing high-quality customer service. Superior CX is critical because it allows you to gain devoted and satisfied customers. Virtual assistants help improve the customer journey, from the first transaction through after-sale service.

Examine the benefits of high CX:

  • Decreased ongoing costs. Excellent CX can produce more sales while lowering operating expenses. You spend less on advertising to acquire new customers.
  • Better customer satisfaction. Nearshore talent can deliver positive customer experiences to solidify product or service commitments. Delighted buyers return to purchase more.
  • Elevated brand perception. Exceptional CX attracts more brand supporters, honing your market competitiveness. A favorable brand image also leads to a broader industry share.
  • Higher return on investment (ROI). High CX drives ROI since it increases transactions. Loyal buyers promote your products or services to other potential customers.

How to Find Nearshore Talent in Mexico

How to Find Nearshore Talent in Mexico

What is the business process outsourcing (BPO) provider’s part in hiring nearshore talent? A Mexican BPO company can provide suitable virtual assistants and third-party teams at reasonable service costs

Before contacting a service provider, check out these valuable pointers to help you find reliable third-party Mexican professionals.

Define Business Needs and Objectives to Handle the Budget 

Determine the primary goal of employing nearshore talent in Mexico. List the benefits of hiring a third-party virtual assistant versus having internal staff handle the duties. This step helps find the ideal individuals to satisfy objectives, perform tasks, and achieve goals.

Consider these helpful tips to identify needs and objectives:

  • Specify the duties. Name the particular tasks or projects the virtual assistant will work on. These include customer service, email and calendar administration, data entry services, bookkeeping, social media management, and invoicing.
  • State the specialty. Describe the expertise, knowledge, and abilities required after outlining the tasks or projects. Sort them by the level of importance and urgency to determine how quickly you should fill roles.
  • Review your work culture. Assess the organization’s work style to decide what kind of virtual workers are needed. If you need a virtual assistant who is a team player, you should look for someone with excellent communication skills. If you want an independent worker, choose one with solid technical abilities. 
  • Set a budget. Estimate a budget for acquiring nearshore talent in Mexico. Setting up a fund assures that you can pay for the nearshoring services for an agreed-upon period. Note that costs for remote support vary significantly depending on the type of duties, urgency, and experience required.

Perform Extensive Assessment to Find the Best Candidate

Hiring nearshore talent with the necessary abilities and experience allows you to get the most reliable staff. Choose someone adaptable, eager, cooperative, organized, and driven.

Below are some guidelines for interviewing and screening candidates:

  • Provide specific details about the job. Give all the information in the job posting, such as the nature of delegated assignments, the time allocated to complete the tasks, the knowledge or expertise required, when to report, and the needed devices and programs (e.g., high-speed internet connection, headsets, laptop, and messaging app).
  • Apply a systematic screening. Execute a thorough screening procedure to find the candidate most suitable for the role. This step includes a resume and background evaluation (e.g., Google search and social media), an initial interview, technical and communication skills assessments, and behavioral tests.
  • Get references. Request personal or character references. Ensure the prospective remote workers are reliable by coordinating with their past clients or employers. The third-party professional will handle company information that will likely be private and confidential.
  • Conduct video interviews. Video calls for initial interviews allow you to understand the applicant’s behavior and verbal competencies. Most questions during the online conversation should be relevant to the role. The rest should be about personal goals and interests.
  • Conduct a paid test. This step shows a candidate’s actual skills. Provide the short-listed applicants with the same paid assignments and instruct them to finish them within a time limit.

Focus on Character and Sharpen Skills to Help Achieve Business Goals 

When finding nearshore talent in Mexico, prioritize a pleasant personality, acceptable character attributes, and solid commitment over abilities, qualifications, and certificates. Work attitude influences how the person performs tasks, handles situations, engages with colleagues, and appreciates (or underappreciates) management and the organization. 

When selecting a virtual assistant, choose a candidate with a driven personality if they have the required technical skills and competencies. Training and experience can sharpen one’s skills. The organization needs a third-party professional to help it reach its long-term business goals and comply with regulations, not someone who might hamper activities eventually. 

Moreover, provide an inviting atmosphere to the new virtual assistants during orientation to support them in getting settled in quickly. Involve the fresh hires in briefings and other virtual meetings as needed. As a result, the employees recognize the significance of their roles and feel more inclined to contribute to the organization. 

Finally, offer the newly recruited third-party workers short or basic tasks. As they progress, allocate more important ones. These ideas can help make them reliable cogs in your business. 

Partner With an Established Service Provider to Optimize Resources

BPO companies are engaged in back-office outsourcing activities such as virtual assistant functions. Collaborate with a service provider when you need to find competent nearshore talent in Mexico.  

Third-party providers invest in staff recruitment, training, and skill development to offer first-rate service with exceptional customer experience and satisfaction.

Follow these six steps to effectively partner with a BPO organization in Mexico and get reliable virtual assistants: 

  • List prospective service providers and evaluate them. Examine each candidate on your initial roster. Check their achievements, background, and skills. Prefer those with specialists or dedicated teams that will concentrate on your delegated projects.
  • Obtain the complete service fee. To handle costs more effectively and avoid overspending, inquire with each candidate regarding their total rates, additional charges, and other pricing packages.  
  • Draft a request for proposal (RFP). Shorten your list of potential partners. Formalize everything by generating an RFP. Deliver this written document to each interested provider on your short list. The paper must detail the extent of the project, time frame, budget, and required solutions to possible issues.
  • Select the BPO company that matches your needs. Draft a service-level agreement (SLA) with the service provider. You must specify the types of outsourced services your new partner will provide and the key performance indicators (KPIs), such as response time and resolution time, to address.
  • Track the outsourced tasks. Monitor the third-party team’s output and efficiency via KPIs. Ensure the business needs, goals, and other expectations are within reach.
  • Maintain communication. Build and sustain consistent interaction between you and the BPO partner. The likelihood of a profitable partnership when outsourcing virtual assistance, contact center as a service (CCaaS), and other back-office operations increases with an open line of communication.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line - Nearshore talent

Acquiring nearshore talent in Mexico can provide different benefits. In addition to the reasons above, you can recruit third-party Mexican virtual assistants and other specialists to work on outsourced tasks anytime.

You can profit from hiring third-party Mexican professionals through a BPO provider to handle back-office operations and perform specific tasks, no matter the size and type of your organization. Hire one or two people in your initial attempt and add more as needed.

Let’s connect if you want to learn more about the benefits of nearshore talent and how to find reliable virtual assistants in Mexico! 

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