How Outsourcing Customer Support Impacts Omnichannel Experience for Phoenix E-commerce Businesses

Consumers desire seamless buying journeys with brand comparison, reviews, and online/in-store purchases. E-commerce requires more than in-store help; it needs omnichannel service. Arizona's strong e-commerce sector leverages Phoenix BPOs to enhance buyer experiences.
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Consumers demand a seamless buying experience. However, the buyer journey involves many steps, from comparing brands and products and reading reviews to purchasing items online or in-store.

Having in-store staff to assist customers may no longer be enough. Customer service has evolved along with the buying experience. Beyond call centers, e-commerce brands must now offer an omnichannel experience to keep up with the competition.

E-commerce is the second-biggest industry in Arizona, so online store owners can turn to BPO companies in Phoenix to improve their omnichannel experience. Keep reading to learn how outsourcing elevates the buyer journey for your Phoenix e-commerce store.

How Outsourcing Enhances Omnichannel Experience for Phoenix E-commerce Shops

How Outsourcing Enhances Omnichannel Experience for Phoenix E-commerce Shops

Omnichannel experience is a customer support approach that offers an integrated experience across different channels, such as phone, text messaging, live chat, email, and social media. Swapping between channels can be difficult because they each have unique needs. Omnichannel support aims to deliver a consistent customer experience, regardless of platform.

Let us illustrate how this works. Phone calls are a primary channel that many customers use due to their efficiency and convenience. A survey reveals that 59% of consumers prefer to contact support through phone calls or via mobile app.

However, businesses cannot discount that other consumers prefer reaching out via email or live chat. Additionally, shoppers have different expectations for each contact method that e-commerce stores must consider.

Successful omnichannel customer support needs careful planning. Thus, Phoenix outsourcing companies consider customers’ expectations for each platform and ensure consistency across all channels. 

Here is how e-commerce customer service outsourcing improves the omnichannel experience for Phoenix-based e-commerce businesses.

Tracking and Analyzing Customer Preferences and Data

The information you acquire from an omnichannel contact center solution can only benefit you if you track, analyze, and use it. With a population of over 4.4 million, you can collect a large amount of data from your local, Phoenix-based customers.

A critical strategy for your online store is simply utilizing all the customer preferences and data you have gathered. This approach is crucial for product improvement. It lets you see the common issues you can eliminate or address through an update, feature fix, or functional guide in your knowledge base. 

It also lets you know your target audience better. Consumer demand and preferences change with time. More advanced messaging channels might benefit your omnichannel customer support strategy. You may also learn that you need to drop legacy platforms to allot resources more effectively.

Outsourcing providers use advanced tools to leverage data analytics. By gathering and analyzing the history and preferences of your customers, you can deliver a more customized buying experience. Personalization fosters loyalty in customers and leads to increased satisfaction.

Strategizing Staffing for Omnichannel Contact Center

Providing a satisfying omnichannel experience requires frontline agents to have access to real-time and detailed information. Such data makes their call handling and performance more efficient. However, the types of customer interactions agents handle have become more complicated.

Although most customers are happy using self-service tools for simple requests, such as asking for updated shipment details, many prefer to talk to a live agent when solving complex problems. In fact, 79% of customers enjoy the human touch in customer service. Reliance on human interaction also increases as customer requests become more complicated.

So, what does this mean for the omnichannel experience of Phoenix-based e-commerce stores? Live agents require expert problem-solving skills and effective collaboration with subject-matter experts across the company to solve complex customer issues. Most e-commerce stores may lack either the skills or the resources necessary.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies provide agents who excel at delivering phone support and are efficient at social media and chat support. Their training practices reflect the various skills needed for each messaging channel.

Personalizing the Customer Experience

Phoenix, the country’s fifth-largest city, has a large local customer base. One of the greatest strategies to improve your omnichannel contact center strategy is to develop a personalized buying experience that converts every lead into a buyer.

In addition to speedy support, customers also demand service that knows them. The most effective way to identify their needs and pain points is to observe and analyze what your repeat shoppers already tell you.

Outsourcing providers gather customer data, including the channels they use, their questions, the services or products they have previously used most, their problems, and more. They store these details on one centralized platform that agents for different channels can access to gain context and personalize the customer experience.

BPO firms improve the omnichannel experience for your Phoenix-based e-commerce store by centralizing customer data. By helping you analyze customer history and data, you can identify the best way to personalize support in the future. When you customize the customer experience more, you resolve issues faster and more effectively.

Humanizing Customer Service

Many believe that chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) are the channels of the future. This technology is essential to the omnichannel experience, but it cannot replace a live agent’s empathy and personal touch during one-on-one customer support calls.

BPO companies in Phoenix, such as Unity Communications, specialize in building a customer-centric outsourcing solution with human compassion and technology. This way, customer service representatives can deliver the highest level of care and personal attention to your shoppers.

An omnichannel experience improves loyalty and trust and creates repeat business using a human-centric approach. E-commerce stores in Phoenix can implement this strategy to better provide customer support and ensure buyers are taken care of.

Integrating Communications and Tools

The best outsourced omnichannel contact centers monitor customer engagements and interactions using the latest tools. Contact center teams then integrate the data from various channels into a single, seamless, unified platform.

You can limit the omnichannel strategy to just customer communications. However, you can expand it to include web and mobile data, in-store data, online transactions and purchases, and reservations to provide a seamless buying experience across all touchpoints.

While consumers want a seamless omnichannel experience, the strategy will only work for your Phoenix-based e-commerce store if your staff can easily use the tools.

Outsourcing lets your customer-facing team communicate with buyers across channels via one platform. It helps you integrate all modes of communication, creating centralized access to consumer data and giving you an omnichannel interface. Thus, agents can more easily maintain customer information and your company policies using one platform.

The results? Productive agents, more satisfied customers, and a significant growth in policy business.

Setting Structure for Service and Brand Consistency

You become more easily recognizable when your brand voice is strong and consistent. The more consistent you are, the higher the market share you can capture. That said, it is not only your communications and brand voice that must remain consistent across support channels—it should be the full brand experience.

Thus, if you quickly answer customer phone calls, you must also immediately respond to social media messages. Otherwise, customers will notice inconsistent experiences in your store. Such discrepancies result in frustration and decreased customer loyalty despite havingsolidong social media presence.

Offshoring providers in the Philippines can help ensure consistency in your brand’s engagement and messaging across all channels to improve your omnichannel contact center experience. They make achieving a genuine omnichannel approach easier by leveraging processes and tools that simplify internal and external communications.

Importance of Providing Omnichannel Customer Support

Importance of Providing Omnichannel Customer Support

Customers who receive exceptional care are more likely to purchase again, and you can make this happen by enhancing the omnichannel experience of your Phoenix-based e-commerce store. According to a report from PWC, 32% of consumers stop buying from a brand they love after one bad customer experience, and more than half walk away from it.

Since e-commerce is the second-largest industry in Phoenix, retailers have tight competition. Delivering superior customer support paired with an omnichannel experience benefits customers and impacts your retention strategies and sales. Let us take a closer look at the benefits of omnichannel customer support.

Outlined Customer Touchpoints and Journey

The integrated data from your omnichannel contact center strategy gives you enough information to better understand different customer journeys.

Additionally, outsourced e-commerce services give you a better understanding of all customer touchpoints through an omnichannel experience for your Phoenix-based e-commerce store. Customers interact with your brand at different stages of the buying journey via phone calls, web chat, and in-store experiences.

You can then develop outlines of all customer touchpoints with this much data in your hands. You can also align your messaging and branding across all of them. Lastly, you can better understand customer pain points throughout the buying journey and improve your support approach to enable a seamless experience for shoppers.

Better Customer Experience

Customers nowadays demand quick, if not immediate, answers to their questions. An omnichannel experience for your Phoenix-based e-commerce shop helps refine customer experiences through interconnected systems, faster resolution, and a more streamlined support journey.

Customers do not enjoy waiting on hold, but they will not have to if they can reach you using SMS, web chat, or social media. Even better, replying to customers through chat is often faster than jumping on a call. Chat options lower your overall handling time and enable contact center agents to support more customers.

Moreover, it is frustrating for customers to repeat their complaints to multiple agents to try and solve an issue. Customers need not do so with an integrated omnichannel contact center. Agents can access what was previously discussed with the customer to solve the problem.

Ultimately, omnichannel support saves the customer time and energy and promotes loyalty among shoppers.

Higher Customer Retention and Increased Revenue

An omnichannel customer experience can improve customer retention, thereby generating higher revenue. The reason may be obvious, but it is worth exploring more.  

Giving buyers smooth and seamless customer support increases their trust in your brand. Customers often feel upset, worried, or vulnerable when needing your assistance. Thus, supporting them and solving the problem without worsening the situation can greatly enhance trust and loyalty.

One valuable outsourced customer service tip is to invest in helping repeat shoppers instead of only focusing on acquiring new customers. Repeat buyers tend to spend more per purchase than first-time customers. Improving the omnichannel experience with outsourcing and prioritizing customer support are two of the best ways to guarantee customer retention.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line - Omnichannel Experience for Phoenix E-commerce

New communication channels will emerge, and existing ones will continue to develop and evolve. Likewise, how consumers use them to reach e-commerce stores will also change. E-commerce shops must remain nimble to continuously adapt to ever-changing customer demands and transform customer support.

An omnichannel experience for your Phoenix-based e-commerce business benefits customers while driving your key performance metrics and revenue.

Leverage Unity Communication’s omnichannel contact center outsourcing experts now to support your online store and keep the customer experience at the center of each decision. Let’s connect to find out how.

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