Nearshore IT Outsourcing in Mexico: What You Should Know

Discover the benefits of nearshore IT outsourcing in Mexico! Explore the history, advantages, and practical tips for successful operations in Mexico's thriving tech hubs. Scale IT operations efficiently with reliable service vendors and contractors.
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Nearshore information technology (IT) outsourcing is a practical way to scale IT operations and reduce operating costs. Given Mexico’s thriving tech hubs and geographical proximity to the United States, it has become a top outsourcing destination. 

American businesses work with outsourcing firms and hire IT professionals, technical support specialists, and virtual assistants in Mexico. These reliable service vendors and contractors provide technical assistance and IT support services.

This page is about nearshore IT outsourcing in Mexico. Specifically, it covers the following topics:

  • History and current state of IT outsourcing in Mexico
  • Advantages and disadvantages of nearshore IT outsourcing in Mexico
  • Practical tips for success

An Overview of Nearshore IT Outsourcing in Mexico

With the advent of globalization, outsourcing has become a popular business strategy for improving operations and cutting expenses. To know what business process outsourcing (BPO) is, think of it as hiring a third-party provider to handle your business processes. BPO appears to be the most popular segment of outsourcing. 

Contrary to popular belief, IT outsourcing (ITO) is the segment with the largest market size. According to Straits Research, the global ITO market could grow from $528 billion in 2021 to $781 billion by 2030. It is projected to achieve a 5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Many businesses, especially tech giants, outsource their IT functions to third-party vendors worldwide.

While some companies outsource to service providers in the same country as their headquarters to access talent and technology (onshore outsourcing), others partner with overseas vendors. Instead of hiring distant outsourcing companies (offshore outsourcing), many work with nearby service providers (nearshore outsourcing).

With nearshore outsourcing, Mexico tops the list for U.S. companies looking to delegate their activities. The country has emerged as a key player in outsourcing, especially for ITO and BPO services.

Here is everything you should know about Mexico:

Overview of Mexico’s Business Landscape
CapitalMexico City
CurrencyMexican Peso (MXN)
Population127.6 Million
Business Climate


This rating includes the ease of running a business, the political situation in the country, and the legal system’s ability to provide fair conditions and business protection for companies, with the following rating scales: A1, A2, A3, A4, B, C, D, and E. (Coface, 2023)

Business Operations 


This figure refers to the ease of doing business in the country. (World Bank, 2020)

Political Stability


This number shows the country’s political stability and general safety, ranging from -2.5 (lowest) to 2.5 (highest). (World Bank, 2022)

Risk Assessment


Pertains to the nation’s ability to exchange or move currency to make foreign payments. It has the following ratings: A1, A2, A3, A4, B, C, D, and E. (Coface, 2023)

History of Outsourcing in Mexico

Nearshoring outsourcing in Mexico began in the 1960s and 1970s. The Mexican government first implemented the Maquiladora program to attract foreign businesses to establish manufacturing operations near the U.S. border.

In the 1990s, the establishment of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) paved the way for the rise of outsourcing activities in the country. Outsourcing’s scope expanded as the talent pool became more diverse, skilled, and competitive.

Today, Mexico’s outsourcing industry includes services such as IT, software development, call centers, and back-office operations. Learn more about the current state of the country’s ITO industry in the next section.

Current State of IT Outsourcing in Mexico

Nearshoring IT outsourcing in Mexico is thriving and growing. Statista said this segment could increase by 7.35%, from $3.92 billion in 2023 to $5.21 billion by 2027. Mexico has positioned itself as a leading ITO destination with its proximity to the U.S. However, there is more to this geographical advantage than meets the eye. 

Today, Mexico is known for its highly skilled workforce and robust tech sector. It is also notable for its favorable business environment, stable economy, and supportive legal framework. BPO companies in the country specialize in various IT services, such as software development, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and data analytics. 

Additionally, the Mexican government has implemented specific initiatives to promote and support the growth of its IT sector. These programs include incentives for attracting foreign investment and educational programs for developing technical skills. 

Overall, Mexico has become a top choice for businesses looking to leverage nearshore outsourcing for their IT needs.

Popular IT Services Outsourced to Mexico

Nearshoring IT outsourcing in Mexico is popular since it offers a wide range of IT services. Below are some common ones:

  • Software development and programming. The country offers a pool of skilled talent adept at various software development services and programming languages. Outsourcing these functions to Mexico leads to cost-effective solutions, rapid deployment, and accessible expertise.
  • Application maintenance and support. Mexican service providers guarantee the smooth functioning of software systems by performing troubleshooting, issue resolution, and performance optimization. They offer reliable IT support, allowing you to focus on core business operations.
  • Quality assurance and testing. Mexican IT outsourcing firms ensure software products meet high-quality standards. They provide quality assurance (QA) solutions, such as functional, performance, and user acceptance testing, to help businesses deliver reliable software technologies.
  • Help desk or technical support. Technical support outsourcing to Mexico provides businesses access to skilled talent and modern technology. Mexican IT support teams assist users in troubleshooting problems and resolving technical issues.
  • IT infrastructure and network management. Mexican BPO firms perform IT services such as server management, network monitoring, and system administration. Outsourcing these services enables you to leverage experienced professionals and advanced tools to maintain a secure infrastructure and network.
  • IT compliance and cybersecurity. Mexican IT service providers assist businesses in implementing security measures, ensuring data protection, and complying with industry regulations. Mexico’s focus on cybersecurity can help you secure your network and protect data from physical and cyberattacks.
  • Data center services. Mexico provides data entry services such as hosting, storing, and managing business information. With world-class facilities and advanced technology infrastructure, Mexican data centers offer secure and scalable solutions for businesses’ data storage and management needs.

Pros and Cons of Nearshore IT Outsourcing in Mexico

Nearshoring IT outsourcing in Mexico presents businesses with numerous advantages and considerations. Understanding the pros and cons of this approach is crucial for making informed outsourcing decisions.

Explore the benefits and potential challenges of nearshore IT outsourcing in Mexico below.

Advantages of IT Outsourcing in Mexico

Let us look at how you can capitalize on Mexico’s IT outsourcing industry:

  • Expert talent pool. The country boasts a vast pool of highly skilled tech talent. Mexico is among the top nations worldwide, producing over 130,000 engineering graduates annually. It has about 700,000 tech talent today, just enough to supply the IT BPO workforce.
  • Cheaper labor costs. The country’s minimum wage is $7.03 (USD) per workday, less than that of neighboring countries. Hiring an IT provider in Mexico lets you reduce your operational expenses without sacrificing service quality.
  • Low employee turnover. Did you know that Mexico has lower IT sector turnover rates than other countries? This fact is due to less competition in the Mexican job market. By outsourcing to the country, you can expect a stable IT workforce for your business needs.
  • Existing tech hubs. The country is home to well-established tech zones, such as Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Mexico City. Many regard these cities as the “Silicon Valley of Latin America.” These hubs attract top tech talent, foster innovation, and provide a supportive infrastructure for IT outsourcing.
  • Advanced business environment. The country has invested in developing advanced digital ecosystems with robust IT infrastructure, stable telecommunications, and high-speed internet connectivity. Such technological advancements support seamless communication, data transfer, and business collaboration.
  • Close geographical proximity. The geographical proximity to the U.S. makes Mexico an appealing and practical nearshore outsourcing destination. The close distance facilitates seamless communication and collaboration due to time zone compatibility.

Disadvantages of IT Outsourcing in Mexico

Let us identify some challenges in nearshoring IT outsourcing in Mexico and figure out how to address them:

  • Hidden expenditures. While labor costs might be lower, you might incur additional expenses related to language barriers, cultural differences, travel, and infrastructure setup. Ask for comprehensive quotes and set aside a contingency budget before working with an IT provider.
  • Provider overdependence. Becoming heavily reliant on a single IT outsourcing provider in Mexico can pose potential risks, such as performance issues, financial instability, and business failure. Hire a reputable service provider, diversify your outsourcing partnerships, and set contingency plans to mitigate these risks.
  • Collaboration difficulty. Outsourcing operations to Mexico presents challenges due to geographical distance, cultural differences, and language barriers. Establish robust communication channels using contact center as a service (CCaaS) and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions to enhance employee-agent interaction.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance. Complying with these requirements in Mexico can be complex. Thoroughly study and understand Mexican laws and regulations to avoid legal and financial consequences when outsourcing. More importantly, adhere to labor laws, data protection regulations, and other relevant legal frameworks.

Top Tips for Nearshore IT Outsourcing in Mexico

Mexico is a top-tier front- and back-office outsourcing location. Nearshoring IT outsourcing in Mexico is best, especially for IT support and software development services. However, it requires critical planning and proper execution for a successful outsourcing engagement. 

So whether you are outsourcing for the first time or looking to enhance your existing endeavor, consider the following tips and best practices:

  • Examine your IT operations. Evaluate your IT operations thoroughly. Doing so helps you identify areas suitable for outsourcing and set your objectives for outsourcing engagement.
  • Study the Mexican outsourcing laws. Familiarize yourself with Mexican outsourcing laws and regulations. The goal is to ensure full compliance and mitigate legal risks for your outsourcing arrangement.
  • Set the outsourcing requirements. Before hiring a service provider, determine specific IT functions to outsource. List all your needed IT operations, including software and hardware, infrastructure and technology, and IT professionals and experts.
  • Look for the right BPO provider. Conduct thorough research to find a reliable nearshore IT outsourcing provider in Mexico. Screen them according to business reputation, BPO credentials, IT workforce, technology, and pricing structure. Ensure your chosen provider aligns with your business goals, needs, and requirements.
  • Create an outsourcing contract. Develop detailed service-level agreements (SLA) covering all key aspects. The legally binding contract should include business goals, key metrics, work scope, duties and responsibilities, processes and policies, specific clauses, and contract breaches.
  • Take ownership of your BPO operation. Have active involvement, establish effective communication, regularly monitor, and conduct performance reviews. All these steps lead to a successful IT outsourcing engagement.

The Bottom Line

Nearshoring IT outsourcing in Mexico provides numerous benefits for businesses looking to optimize IT operations and reduce costs. Companies can also leverage the country’s tech talent, digital ecosystem, and geographical proximity. However, they must prepare for hidden expenditures, regulatory compliance, and political changes.

Consider outsourcing some of the most popular IT services to Mexico. Follow our practical tips to maximize the potential benefits and minimize the risks of outsourcing to this country. With these tips and steps, you can make the most of Mexico’s IT outsourcing!

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