Why Nearshore Finance and Accounting Outsourcing to Mexico Makes Sense: A Complete Guide

Discover the effectiveness of nearshore outsourcing in Mexico for streamlined operations and cost reduction. Explore roles like customer service, tech support, and virtual assistants. This guide covers Mexican outsourcing, services, benefits, and finding the right provider.
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Nearshore outsourcing proves effective for streamlining operations and reducing costs. Among the commonly outsourced roles, customer service representatives, technical support specialists, and virtual assistants are available in Mexico

You can also consider outsourcing finance and accounting (A&F) services to the country due to its potential benefits.

This page is a complete guide to nearshore outsourcing of finance and accounting processes in Mexico. Read on to learn more about:

  • The Mexican outsourcing industry
  • Types of F&A outsourcing services
  • Why outsourcing F&A services makes sense
  • How to find the right Mexican nearshore provider

An Overview of Nearshore Outsourcing in Mexico

Mexico has emerged as one of the top outsourcing destinations worldwide. It particularly benefits North American companies seeking to cut costs, optimize operations, and achieve success. But while these objectives are achievable, the country offers so much more.

We can trace the roots of Mexican outsourcing to the mid-1960s with the rise of Maquiladora. The Mexican and U.S. governments launched the Border Industrialization Program, allowing U.S. companies to develop products in Mexico, and the rest is history.

Today, Mexico excels in information technology outsourcing (ITO), business process outsourcing (BPO), and manufacturing. On top of ITO services in the country are IT support and software development. When discussing what business process outsourcing is, the strategy usually involves delegating tasks such as customer service, human resources (HR), and F&A services.

The Mexican outsourcing industry is growing. Statista states its global market might achieve significant expansion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.86%. The segment is projected to grow from $3.55 billion in 2023 to $4.50 billion by 2028.

Learn more about Mexican nearshore outsourcing for finance and accounting in the next section.

Types of F&A Outsourcing Services in Mexico

Mexico offers both front- and back-office outsourcing, and it is known for its ITO and BPO services. North American businesses typically outsource IT support, software development, customer service, and HR.

However, F&A services might be your top priority among other outsourcing services. These services consist of various processes for managing finance-related functions within an organization. While you can handle them in-house, entrusting these tasks to third-party providers is best.

Below are the types of nearshore outsourcing services related to finance and accounting:

  • Bookkeeping entails recording financial transactions and organizing financial data. Outsourcing this task to Mexico ensures complete, accurate, and up-to-date financial records.
  • Accounting includes recording financial transactions and maintaining financial records. It differs from bookkeeping in that it also involves financial analysis and reporting. Outsourcing this task to Mexico guarantees seamless financial processes and maintains cash flow.
  • Accounts payable involves managing vendor invoices, processing payments, and ensuring timely disbursement of funds. Outsourcing allows you to streamline payment processes, maintain solid vendor relationships, and improve cash flow.
  • Accounts receivable is the opposite of accounts payable. It entails managing customer invoices, tracking payments, and handling collections. Outsourcing this to Mexico can boost your profits and retain your cash flow.
  • An accounting audit involves the independent examination of financial records for accuracy, transparency, and regulatory compliance. Outsourcing lets you access experienced auditors to perform thorough and objective audits.
  • Financial analysis and reporting include analyzing financial data, preparing financial statements, and providing financial insights for better decision-making. Outsourcing this process to Mexico enables you to gain comprehensive and accurate financial reports for performance evaluation and strategic planning. 
  • Payroll processing includes managing employee compensation, calculating wages, disbursing salaries, handling tax withholdings, and ensuring labor compliance. Outsourcing this function to Mexico provides your employees with timely and accurate salary disbursements.
  • Tax filing and reporting entail preparing and filing tax returns to comply with tax laws and regulations. By outsourcing tax-related functions to Mexico, you navigate complex requirements, guarantee accurate and timely filings, and reduce tax liabilities.
  • Regulatory reporting and compliance involve preparing and submitting financial reports required by regulatory authorities. By outsourcing these tasks to Mexico, you can ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements.

Why Outsourcing F&A Services to Mexico Makes Sense

Mexico has established itself as one of the leading outsourcing destinations globally. The country is particularly notable for its nearshore advantages, such as its geographical proximity, favorable trade agreements, and highly skilled workforce. 

Businesses of all sizes can leverage ITO and BPO services in Mexico. They can employ customer and technical support outsourcing and entrust their F&A processes to a Mexican service provider.

Here are a few reasons to consider nearshore outsourcing for finance and accounting operations:

1. It Allows You to Focus on Core Operations

Focusing on core operations is the most commonly perceived reason for outsourcing. This idea rings true for outsourcing F&A services to a Mexican service provider. Delegating these functions allows you to prioritize your core processes without compromising cash flow.

Outsourcing F&A services also aligns with Mexican reforms. The country’s Federal Labor Law (FLL) prohibits foreign businesses from subcontracting core activities. Companies can outsource only non-core functions such as IT, customer service, HR, and F&A services.

2. It Lets You Tap into Finance Professionals

Outsourcing has long been a viable solution for accessing a global workforce. With its proximity to North American businesses, Mexico is an excellent source of skilled talent. The country provides educated professionals in various fields, including the finance industry.

The Mexican government has invested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. It regularly produces highly educated professionals capable of joining the BPO workforce. Outsourcing allows you to tap into agents with financial backgrounds to manage your business finances.

3. It Gives You Access to Accounting Software

Outsourcing gives you access to not only expertise but also technology. Specifically, nearshore outsourcing to Mexico lets you leverage the latest finance and accounting software. Updated technology effectively increases efficiency, ensures data protection, and boosts productivity.

Let us take software automation for bookkeeping and accounting as an example. This technology allows you to record financial transactions and secure financial data. Its automation feature also enables the automatic calculation of monetary information for financial analysis, reporting, and decision-making.

4. It Benefits from Rising Tech Hubs with Digital Ecosystems

Mexico is notable for its rising tech hubs. Top cities with digital ecosystems include Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Tijuana, and Yucatan. They form the so-called “Silicon Valley of Latin America.”

Working with a Mexican service provider in one of these technology zones can be beneficial. Your hired partner can offer you innovative technologies for your F&A functions. Aside from accounting software, it can provide contact center as a service (CCaaS) and unified communications as a service (UCCaaS) solutions for seamless communication and collaboration.

5. It Boasts High Employee Retention Rates

Did you know that Mexico has a lower employee turnover rate than other countries? This is because less competition exists in the market. The country’s outsourcing companies offer employees reasonable compensation, promising career opportunities, and a productive working environment.

Finance professionals in Mexico often have job satisfaction and stability, resulting in a high staff retention rate. This rate guarantees business continuity and consistency in the F&A services provided, reducing the need for frequent transitions. Thus, working with a Mexican service provider proves beneficial.

6. It Leverages Mexico’s Cultural Affinity with North America

Mexico is in the southern part of North America. It shares borders with the United States to the north and Belize and Guatemala to the south. The country is close to North American countries like the United States and Canada. Therefore, nearshore outsourcing for finance and accounting functions is better performed in Mexico.

Compared to other countries, Mexico shares cultural compatibility with North American countries. Its cultural affinity with these nations paves the way for seamless communication and collaboration. The manufacturing operations of U.S. companies in Mexico validate this point.

7. It Offers Favorable Trade Agreements with Other Countries

Mexico has 13 favorable trade agreements (FTAs) with 50 countries globally, including the United States, Canada, and various European nations. These trade agreements foster cross-border business transactions, reduce trade barriers, and provide advantageous conditions for outsourcing companies in Mexico. 

Below are some notable trade agreements supporting the Mexican outsourcing industry:

  • The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is an agreement between Canada, Mexico, and the United States that established a trilateral trade bloc, eliminating most tariffs and trade barriers between the three countries.
  • The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), a trade agreement that replaced NAFTA, updates and modernizes the terms of trade between the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It includes updated labor, environmental, intellectual property, and digital trade provisions.
  • The Japan-Mexico Free Trade Agreement is a bilateral trade agreement between Japan and Mexico that aims to promote trade and investment by reducing or eliminating tariffs on goods and facilitating market access for services between the two countries.

8. It Capitalizes on Geographical Proximity and Similar Time Zones

As mentioned, Mexico is close to North American countries such as the U.S. and Canada. As such, North American businesses can take advantage of their geographical proximity and similar time zones. Therefore, outsourcing F&A services to this country comes with practical benefits.

The proximity allows for more accessible travel, face-to-face meetings, and effective communication. Likewise, having similar time zones ensures real-time collaboration, minimizing significant time differences. Both factors are crucial for a smooth workflow, high responsiveness, and better collaboration.

9. It Offers Flexible Contracts and Business Scalability

Mexico’s outsourcing industry is notable for its flexibility and scalability. These factors are crucial to success amidst changing consumer needs. Thus, nearshore outsourcing to Mexico helps improve finance and accounting processes and scale your business.

Mexican service providers can offer flexible contracts tailored to your business needs. They allow you to scale your operations up and down during peak or off-peak seasons. This flexibility ensures cost-effectiveness and agility in constantly changing markets.

10. It Improves and Maintains Business Cash Flow

F&A services are critical for boosting and maintaining business cash flow. You need expertise, technology, and resources to properly manage your company’s financial health. That is where Mexican service providers can help.

Outsourcing F&A services to Mexico can significantly improve your cash flow. Your provider can help cut labor and operating expenses. Meanwhile, finance professionals and experts can boost business profits. You will be amazed at how outsourcing can lead to business profitability, growth, and success.

How to Find the Right Mexican Nearshore Provider for F&A Outsourcing Services

Choosing the right Mexican nearshore provider is crucial for overall success, whether outsourcing customer service, F&A, or data entry services. This process starts with examining your business, involves robust searching and screening, and ends with hiring the right provider. 

The trick is to hire an outsourcing company that meets all your business needs and outsourcing requirements. Here is how to find a Mexican provider when considering nearshore outsourcing for finance and accounting services:

  • Study your business operations. The goal is to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and challenges in your F&A processes. You can then determine your business needs and decide on specific outsourcing functions. 
  • Set your outsourcing requirements. You can establish clear and specific outsourcing requirements based on thorough business examinations. Define your operational objectives, performance metrics, work scope, and desired outcomes. List all your needs, such as workforce, technology, resources, and regulatory compliance.
  • Search for Mexican nearshore providers. At this point, you can go ahead and look for nearshore providers in Mexico. Search online, ask for practical recommendations, and attend industry events. From there, you can come up with a list of prospects.
  • Screen your list of prospects. You can now screen and evaluate each provider after creating a list. Check websites, review case studies, request client references, and conduct interviews to gather more information. Consider critical factors such as reputation, talent, technology, resources, pricing structure, and track record. 
  • Select the best fit for your business. This step is crucial, as selecting a Mexican outsourcing firm can be instrumental to your overall success. The goal is to hire a nearshore provider specializing in F&A services capable of meeting your business needs and outsourcing requirements.
  • Sign a service-level agreement (SLA). A comprehensive SLA is imperative once you have hired a Mexican service provider. Clearly define the work scope, deliverables, timelines, pricing, confidentiality, and dispute resolution procedures. Work closely with legal counsel to ensure all necessary aspects are included.
  • Start your F&A outsourcing operations. Finally, you can commence your nearshore outsourcing operations for finance and accounting. Make sure to conduct pilot testing before the actual launch. Once your outsourcing operation is up and running, offer your Mexican provider the utmost support while giving them the freedom to operate.

The Bottom Line

Nearshore outsourcing for finance and accounting in Mexico makes absolute sense. It gives you access to finance professionals, accounting software, and tech hubs. It offers favorable trade treaties, flexible contracts, and an ideal business environment. Not only will it reduce your costs, but it will also help boost your profits.

The Mexican nearshore outsourcing industry is thriving, offering potential benefits to North American businesses. However, choosing the right service provider is key to outsourcing success. So, consider our practical tips for finding a reliable Mexican nearshore provider for your F&A services.

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