IT Support for an E-learning Company

The company specializes in crafting e-learning programs tailored for students, professionals, and corporate employees aiming to augment their skills or pursue education at their preferred pace. The range of courses encompasses certificate courses, diploma courses (such as Project Management and Human Resources), as well as concise courses strategically fashioned to enhance expertise in specific domains like WordPress, C Programming, and similar subjects. To cater to client needs, an internal IT service desk unit is established to manage tickets, respond to inquiries, and address user requests.

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Case Study

Challenge: Achieving Cost-Effective Scalability in IT Helpdesk Operations

The client is strategically positioning itself to compete with well-established universities and other prominent e-learning platforms. This involves diversifying their course catalog and expanding their online class offerings. However, this endeavor presents a formidable challenge. Each time they introduce a substantial catalog of online classes, the internal help desk team faces a surge of user requests. The team grapples with an influx of approximately 700 tickets daily, spanning communication channels such as phone, email, and webchat. Predominantly, these tickets revolve around user experience, pricing inquiries, and device compatibility concerns.

Given the considerable ticket volume, the client recognized the imperative to find an economically viable approach to scale their IT helpdesk operations. They aimed to optimize workflows, thereby enhancing the efficiency and quality of support rendered to their user base.

Solution: Engaging an Offshore IT Support Team from the Philippines.

Unity Communications facilitated the establishment of an offshore helpdesk team with a designated specialist proficient in managing voice, chat, and email interactions. The recruitment division diligently identified help desk experts in the Philippines with the requisite background, skills, and experience. Following a comprehensive onboarding and training program spanning a week, the offshore helpdesk team achieved the capability to address a noteworthy 90% of user requests within the second week of deployment. The team adeptly managed ticket processing via Zendesk. A dedicated team leader was assigned to supervise operations, monitor attendance, and conduct quality audits, ensuring the delivery of a superior service standard.

Leveraging years of experience within the IT industry and proficiency in phone systems, Call Flow Solution meticulously devised a systematic workflow that established an optimized ticketing system.

Through the provision of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services, the company now boasts a streamlined mechanism for managing user requests. Consequently, this enhancement contributes to elevating the quality of support extended and fostering elevated levels of customer satisfaction.

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Advantages of Outsourcing IT Helpdesk

Within two weeks, Unity Communications effectively managed and resolved 90% of user requests, consistently delivering results in a punctual manner. The prompt handling of requests and inquiries led to a notable surge in user satisfaction, registering an impressive increase of up to 92%. This enhanced user experience has presented a unique opportunity to attract more students, thereby driving an uptick in registrations for online classes. Bolstered by these advancements, the client has gained a heightened sense of confidence in expanding their online course offerings, positioning themselves in direct competition with established universities and recognized e-learning providers.

By opting to outsource its IT helpdesk to Unity Communications, the company has successfully achieved substantial savings of up to 65% in labor costs. Furthermore, the proficient helpdesk team’s efforts have yielded tangible benefits through upselling initiatives and the overall enhancement of support quality, consequently contributing to a discernible upswing in sales figures.



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