Insurance Verification

A leading medical consulting and insurance services provider needs help in their back-office task. With the surge in Covid-19 cases and staff struggling to accommodate all the work, Unity Communications provided the needed support.

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Employee with so many tasks at hand - by outsourcing insurance verification tasks these employees are able to free up time for more important agenda

Case Study

Should You Outsource Medical Insurance Verification

Insurance verification was a time-consuming process, entailing repetitive tasks. Ensuring the accuracy of each patient’s record through individual checks is essential, demanding focused attention. Communicating with insurance carriers presented challenges, too, given extended wait times in phone queues for a representative’s response. Redirecting this valuable time towards more pivotal business tasks is important.

Introducing a Dedicated Team of Experts

Unity Communication, renowned for its healthcare offerings, established a group of adaptable and dependable agents. This team, equipped with a proven track record, operates under well-defined benchmarks like AHT, Accuracy, and Quality, enabling seamless task monitoring and performance evaluation. 

Our proactive outbound call center swiftly engages with assignments while adhering to prescribed protocols. They efficiently communicate with insurance carriers, liaise with representatives, and meticulously review patient and physician records to rectify discrepancies.

Insurance verification idea image, agents calling on the phone to verify patient insurance information


Outsourcing Insurance Verification Services: Achieved Advantages

With a dedicated team in place and comprehensive protocols defined, the company directed its efforts toward client-centric endeavors. This shift elevated staff productivity, enabling them to channel their energy into more intricate responsibilities. As a result, the team reclaimed 10-30 hours per week, enhancing overall business functionality, decreased expenses, and augmented cash flow.