E-commerce Customer Support

A private equity firm specializing in renowned Amazon brands required assistance managing sales calls, product inquiries, order tracking, and post-sales service. Unity Communications successfully onboarded and took over these operations. Within 90 days, the firm achieved its daily metrics for addressing customer inquiries and returns, leading to a notable enhancement in customer satisfaction.

Ecommerce Outsourcing Case Study for Amazon Brand | Unity Communications
Ecommerce Outsourcing Case Study for Amazon Brand

Case Study

Need for an Effective E-commerce Customer Support

The pandemic-induced lockdowns undeniably wielded a substantial influence on customer shopping habits. This resulted in a notable surge in online purchases, causing e-commerce transactions to double practically overnight.

In the wake of these shifts, the company encountered challenges in managing the heightened volume of requests and experienced difficulties maintaining a commendable customer satisfaction rate.

As the strain on business operations intensified due to remote work implementation, the client opted to seek the assistance of a business outsourcing service provider. This decision was prompted by the imperative to effectively address the escalating demand for customer support.

Enhanced Customer Experience through E-commerce Inbound Customer Service and Sales

To elevate customer experience, Unity Communication initiated a strategic approach. Initially, the focus was on assembling a dedicated team to manage inbound calls and establishing specific metrics, with an emphasis on AHT, CSAT, and First Call Resolution. The process involved meticulous planning, including the creation of a call flow structure through collaborative whiteboarding sessions facilitated by the Call Flow Solution team. This encompassed the development of escalation protocols and discussions concerning reporting, expectations, and the frequency of operational and performance-related collaborations.

Within two months, the client witnessed the successful implementation of these strategies, leading to a noticeable enhancement in customer experience. Impressed by the outcomes, the client opted to expand the team’s size, adding five additional members and two team leaders. What began as customer support operations evolved to encompass sales calls, with the support of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) provided by Unity Communications. This KPO initiative effectively streamlined processes and substantially elevated the overall productivity of the on-shore team.

E-commerce Inbound Customer Service and Sales

Save Cost and Boost Customer Satisfaction with E-commerce Customer Support Outsourcing

Following a 90-day operational period, a tangible shift in customer experience was evident, culminating in an impressive net satisfaction score of 95%. To optimize staff efficiency, idle time was limited to a maximum of 30 minutes for the entire team during an 8-hour shift. During periods of lower call volume, team members engaged in training and coaching to further enhance their skills.

The sales call team met and exceeded the daily sales quota of 18 sales per day, bolstering the brand’s profitability. With a proficiently established team effectively handling customer requests, the core staff members of the company could now channel their efforts toward other pivotal business tasks.

This outsourcing venture has equipped the private equity firm with a scalable solution, providing the flexibility to integrate additional brands into its portfolio. As Unity Communications, the BPO partner, can readily adjust staff numbers according to demand, this partnership assures a dynamic response. Moreover, the leadership team gained the ability to assess the monthly administrative costs necessary to support brands with varying efficiency levels. This informed approach significantly reduces the risk associated with new acquisitions, thus facilitating more informed purchase decisions.



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