Unity Communications Recognized As Best BPO Service Company of 2020

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Unity Communications was recognized as one of the Best BPO Companies of 2020 by Digital.com. Among the list of over seventy business process outsourcing companies, we emerge as part of the top 15 with the most efficient outsourcing services
for small businesses.

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Unity Communications has also been named as The Best Lead Generation ServicesThe Best Call Center Services, and Best Answering Service of 2021 by Digital.com. These awards strengthen our passion and dedication to helping our clients reach their goals and be successful.

For over 10 years, Unity Communications has partnered with different businesses from multiple industries. We are passionate about our job and make sure that we customized our services based on the needs of the business we served.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services

Unity Communications offers back office, customer service, inbound and outbound campaigns, order processing and management, chat or email support, and administrative services.

Back Office Teams

Services we offer under our back-office teams include:

  • IT Help Desk Outsourcing
  • eCommerce Support & Compliance
  • Tier 1 Ticketing Support
  • Data Entry Processes
  • Administrative Support

Call Center

Winning new customers, keeping loyal ones, and creating brand advocates is a task that requires strategy and consistency. As a BPO company that’s been in the industry for years, we have crafted the perfect call center services to t your business goal.

  • Live Operator Customer Service
  • CRM and Helpdesk Support
  • Live 24/7 Answering Service.
  • Take Orders & Upselling Services.
  • Customer Service Virtual Assistants

Sales & Business Development

Our business development services are handled by skilled professionals and designed to help companies increase market shares, business deals, and growth. Services include:

  • Appointment Setting Services
  • Follow-ups and Confirmations
  • Lead Generation and Qualification
  • Telemarketing Services


Accuracy and efficiency are critical for businesses in the healthcare industry. Unity Communications understand it well and designs services to ensure precise and superior output.

  • Healthcare Billing Services
  • Insurance Verification Services
  • Medical Coders Services
  • Claims Processing
  • Medical Accounts Receivable

This is the perfect time for growth. Let us help you reach the full potential for your business with the perfect outsourcing service. Schedule a meeting now!

Digital.com is an online publication focused on helping small companies and the right tools for their business. They focus on product reviews, services, software, website, and eCommerce sites. To know more about Digital.com, visit https://digital.com/about/

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