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Unity Communications Partnered with Conexus Group to Deliver Top Notch BPO HealthCare Service in Latin America

Unity Communications™, a full-service Business Process Outsourcing Company, is proud to announce the new partnership with Conexus Group (, for call center support, helpdesk, customer service, and technical support services for bilingual and support in Spanish for their rapidly increasing medical and pharmacy BPO healthcare offering.

“We are excited to partner with Juoaquin Ulloa and Andrea Coronado to assist in helping Unity Communications with their BPO healthcare, contact center, and top-notch delivery of a global team for our USA-based client DNA Biopharm,” said Patrick Brown, CEO of Unity Communications. “With this new partnership, Unity Communications can make sure partners in Latin America has the strongest service providers that can deliver success in a competitive market.”

Conexus Group’s talented workforce in Costa Rica has won the opportunity to work with DNA Pharmaceuticals. The project is to create an omnichannel inbound call center process that specializes in maximizing call center productivity while enabling scalability in a cost-effective manner.

“In today’s business world, companies need to have a small part in many different aspects of running a business, but some simply don’t have the manpower to see that to fruition,” said Diana McCulloch – Director of Operations for Unity Communications LLC. “We are proud to partner with Conexus Group (www.conexus-group.com_ through the design and augmentation of their call center and support center so that our partnership can help them achieve their growth and revenue targets.”

To see a full list of BPO services from Unity Communications, please visit our website at

About Unity Communications

Unity Communications handles a variety of business process outsourcing tasks for companies all over the world. With locations in the United States, the Dominican Republic, and the Philippines, they free up clients’ so they can focus on their best
work. We provide solutions that complement a business’s strengths.

About Conexus Group

An award-winning contact center based near San Jose Costa Rica. Their processes and staff have made them a leader for Multichannel eCRM, Loyalty programs, Analytics, Relational Marketing, and Contact Center. To see a list of all their services visit their webpage at

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