Unity Communications Earns Great Place to Work (GPTW) Certification

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We’re a great place to work! 

Unity Communications earned a Great Place to Work (GPTW) certification for 2022 to 2023.

GPTW is the world’s foremost authority on workplace culture. It assists businesses in gauging employee experience and has surveyed over 100 million employees globally to help companies build high-performing and trustworthy workplace cultures. 


Company Survey Reveals That Employees Are Happy

Unity Communications has a great workplace culture. That is what the recent survey by the independent third party, GPTW, found.

The survey shows that 96% of employees agree that the company is a great workplace. Another 97% said they were given the resources needed to do their job. 

The 15-minute survey was open to all Unity Communications employees. It revealed a handful of factors that determine the employees’ trust and confidence in the company. 

When asked what makes Unity Communications a great workplace, one employee said:

“We’ve felt that the company has prioritized our well-being during this pandemic. It initially allowed the work-from-home setup and then transitioned to hybrid work. Also, its health plan has been beneficial in the wake of the crisis. The company has been taking care of its people since the pandemic.”

Another employee justified:

“Even before the pandemic, it has been such an ideal working environment. It’s been hosting company events and initiating several engagement activities. As such, we always feel we belong!”

Lastly, one employee capped the remark by saying:

“I’m happy and content with the company’s compensation and benefits.”

Patrick Brown, CEO of Unity Communications, said the certification is another company milestone. Brown thanks his employees for the feedback, saying, “I’m deeply honored to know that most employees are happy to work with us. But it doesn’t end here. We’ll continue to foster a positive work culture. We’ll continue to make this a great place to work in.”


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Implications of the GPTW Certification

The GPTW certification essentially measures employee experience. This thought leader in workplace culture aims to survey workers and recognize the best employers with this certification. It also seeks to gain actionable insights on setting up an ideal workplace.

In the past three decades, GPTW has surveyed over 100 million employees. The organization has offered survey platforms, provided certifications, and created the best workplace lists.

GPTW uses the Trust Index Survey (employee survey) and Culture Brief (employer questionnaire). This particular model calculates and ranks a company based on six categories:

    • Financial growth
    • Trust within the organization
    • Ability to maximize human potential
    • Leadership effectiveness
    • Innovation by all
    • Values

A company earns the certification based on two factors:

    • Meeting the criteria set by the organization
    • Hitting the benchmark for employee feedback

Ultimately, the certification recognizes employers who create an excellent employee experience


Journey to GPTW Certification

Unity Communications is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company operating worldwide. It started its BPO operation in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2009. It soon expanded to countries like the Philippines, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

The company offers BPO services such as outsourced contact centers, technical support, and a back office. Specifically, it covers business processes like customer service, sales, and technical support. It partners with companies in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia, among other countries.

Additionally, the company caters to the following industries:

  • E-commerce: e-commerce customer service, order fulfillment, and store management
  • Healthcare: healthcare billing, insurance verification, and claims processing
  • Technology: wireless mobility sales, telecom consulting, and phone systems
  • Back-office: administrative support, data entry, and general bookkeeping and accounting

Unity Communications shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. What began as a startup has become a global organization catering to various clients worldwide. In 2021, the company earned its first recognition as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States. Despite the Global pandemic – our members thrive in a remote setup environment, working tirelessly to ensure they deliver the best customer experience.

Success in working remotely is only possible because of open and supportive work culture. We want to make sure our employees are well-provided and have enough resources to do their job. Sharing feedback and opinions is also vital to our growth as a company.

In June this year, the management initiated an employee survey with the help of GPTW Philippines. The goal was to measure employee feedback and insights about the company’s work culture and overall experience.

An inter-office memo was circulated on June 17, encouraging employees to take the survey. While employees responded to the study, the company completed a GPTW questionnaire about the workforce, company culture, programs, and practices.

The survey result helps us understand what our employees feel working at Unity Communications – from hiring to work setup and overall management. Altogether, the employee survey and the company’s response to the questionnaire earned Unity Communications its GPTW certification and is now recognized as a great place to work for all.


More BPO Awards and Certifications

Unity Communications prides itself on numerous recognitions. 

As a premier BPO leader, Unity Communications placed 1,669 in the Inc 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in 2021. The BPO firm hit a record high with a 275% growth rate in the said year. It achieved this feat by acquiring more clients and increasing its value.

Also, Clutch recognized Unity Communications as one of the Top BPO Companies for 2022. But a year before, it included the company in its list of Top 1,000 Service Providers. Clutch is a leading platform for company reviews and ratings.

Other commendable 2022 awards include the following:

Furthermore, Forbes recognized the company’s CEO as an honoree for The Next 1000 list for 2021. The Forbes Next 1000 is an annual initiative that highlights small business entrepreneurs. It recognizes business leaders innovating and changing how people do business today.

The recent GTWA certification is another feather in the cap.

Brown said, “There’s more to this certification than meets the eye. When our employees are always happy and satisfied, it means that we’re doing the right thing. It means we’re fostering the right work culture. That can translate into business success!”

“We do this not only for recognition but to gauge our success and work towards improving our business.”


Work with Us

Unity Communications is an award-winning BPO company, helping and scaling businesses of all sizes. It has been providing its clients with excellent services and white-glove experiences.

While it is a customer-centric BPO firm, it always considers its workforce the most valuable asset. It promotes a positive workplace culture that cares for its employees. The GPTW certification is proof that it’s indeed a great place to work for all!

Consider working with us if you want to experience such a great culture. Visit our Facebook page to learn more about our career opportunities!

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