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Discover how Unity Communications swiftly takes over operations within two weeks for an e-commerce enterprise specializing in Arts and Crafts. Experience streamlined and effective support, encompassing administrative tasks and other crucial business functions, all delivered at an exceptional rate.

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Employee with so many tasks at hand - by outsourcing insurance verification tasks these employees are able to free up time for more important agenda

Case Study

Challenges In Outsourcing Key Business Processes

The company specializes in creating handmade crafts, such as cabin quilts, fabrics, and unique art designs. Their work has gained recognition through features in both local and international magazines.

With an expanding customer base, the client needed additional support to manage tasks such as invoice reconciliation, content generation for social media marketing, and complete store management. This includes responsibilities like product shipment, tracking deliveries, overseeing returns and refunds, and ensuring robust customer support.

Solution: E-commerce Administrative Specialist

A complete set of solutions was devised for the client to address these challenges. Unity Communications assigned a highly skilled back-office support specialist to oversee all administrative, marketing, and customer service operations of the business. To simplify and streamline the invoicing process with suppliers and partners, we use Excel worksheets and dashboards. 

Strategic enhancements, including CRM integration with Facebook, were also implemented to facilitate improved customer interaction and elevate marketing strategies. A dedicated manager was assigned to ensure the flawless execution of all tasks, maintaining the highest levels of accuracy.

Creating Processes to Maximize Call Center Staff Productivity

Remarkably, in just two weeks, our virtual assistant mastered the intricate processes essential for the business’s seamless functioning. These included accounting tasks, meticulous product shipment coordination, precise delivery tracking, credit card payment processing, and prompt customer inquiry management via phone and chat channels. Our support extended to social media management, including content creation and the effective execution of marketing campaigns through Facebook Ads.

Furthermore, we enhanced the client’s visibility on major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy. This partnership enabled the company to establish a global reach, bolstered by Unity Communications’ standing as a trusted international partner on Amazon. Our efforts culminated in granting the client’s international merchant account administrator rights, allowing centralized management of customer emails, returns, and inquiries through a unified dashboard. This facilitated comprehensive reporting and ensured the cultivation of 5-star reviews across platforms.

Why Choose Administrative Support Outsourcing

In just two weeks, Unity Communications adeptly assumed most tasks through a streamlined and efficient procedure. Transparent communication channels ensure real-time project updates, fostering a sense of collaboration. Leveraging Unity Communication’s KPO services, the company now operates with a well-defined process. As a result, the client benefits from increased time and energy to concentrate on business expansion and creating a wider array of art products.



Outsourced Administrative Task To Unity Communications

We provide top-tier back-office support specialists capable of handling tasks from the simplest to the most intricate. Our goal is to align with your business needs and deliver outputs of exceptional quality.