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Vision of our company

Thanks to the knowledge of each member of Unity, we put together the most prepared and trained contact center to attack the weaknesses of our allies and transform them into strengths, always committed to managing projects with excellent performance and with the desire to be the support of our clients so that they reach their commercial objectives.

Unity Communications Founded in 2009

Unity specializes in technology sales, marketing and customer service. With our extensive knowledge in complex deployments of mobile infrastructure, GPS, telecommunications and data centers, we have a contact center that specializes in ensuring that these projects are completed with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The capabilities of our call center to strengthen a sales team, manage projects and create processes that increase revenue will make your company more competitive and achieve the milestones that its shareholders demand.

Our Mision
To help our partners become leaders in their respective industries.

Our Vision
To deliver an incredible sales and service experience to our partners. By using our creative and motivated human resources, we can create an ongoing growth engine for our clients’ innovative and amazing products.

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