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In Unity we have the experience, knowledge, preparation, commitment and call center leadership to be the driving force required by SMEs, entrepreneurs or organizations with years in the market to increase their sales and generate a better customer experience. We always satisfy the needs of our clients and thus strengthen our alliance with them.

Patrick Brown

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Founder and CEO

Patrick Brown started his career in the US navy implementing one of the first modern IT infrastructures onboard a US Warship. As the default IT director for USS John S. McCain DDG-56, this led to a comprehensive understanding of how technology powers the overall mission of an organization.

Angela Dodd

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Admin & Customer Experience Officer

Angela Dodd is an advocate for all Unity Clients and ensures that our customers experience the highest level of satisfaction. Ms Dodd will ensure that every detail in a project is given the attention it deserves while being under budget and on time.

Rachel Makasakit

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BPO professional

Rachel is an experienced and motivational BPO professional that has over 10 years’ experience in the industry. 8 years of which are in Supervisory/Managerial capacity. wearing multiple hats. Apart from Operations where she spent most of her years, she was also heavily involved in Business Development,